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How to prepare for Bank Exams

Recently there was global meltdown, initially started with sub-prime crisis and subsequent collapse of financial and banking sector of USA, which led to shut down of major banks in USA and there raised a sort of unrest ,resulted in massive job cuts in private sector especially software field in which we are most dependent on overseas projects. All these consequences created a notion in people that there is no job security in recent times.

In spite of all these major things happening Banking Sector in India stayed robust. Now a day's banks went global and started operating in various branches around the world. The modern computerized techniques used in banking operations reduced the risk of making mistakes for the employees; in calculations, counting and maintaining data of different customers of the bank. Bank Probationary Officers as well as Bank Clerical jobs emerged as lucrative careers. Especially at this time of turbulence; bank jobs in public sector seem to be a safe bet. Bank jobs not only provide us good salaries but also provide us good social status.

Atleast above 70% would be a fairly good score. Applicants with commerce, financial and Math background have more chances for success rather than applicants with other backgrounds.

How to get Information about the Jobs:
As Jobs in the bank have been declared by the banks very frequently at this point of time, the aspirants are advised to visit the websites of respective banks for the upcoming bank exams section frequently, to check recruitment of bank Probationary Officers or Bank Clerks. Also visit various other sections of the website to know tips on how to prepare for bank exams, how to prepare for interviews, group discussions and written part of the bank exams. You can also visit various other links to know about the job, salaries, perks, roles & responsibilities of bank jobs.

State Bank of India, the largest bank of the country, having wide network of branches in India & abroad has announced another massive recruitment exercise. This time the bank has announced 1000 vacancies of Probationary Officers.

Punjab National Bank which is one of the leading public sector banks of the country has declared massive recruitment. The bank is having more than 5000 branches spread over all parts of the country. The bank has announced one of its biggest recruitment exercises of 6428 Clerks.
Information of few useful Books.

Magical Book Series: Money, Banking & Finance by N.K. Sinha

This is a very useful book for the preparation of banking interviews and reasonably priced. You will find lots of information in this book on banking and financial environment, important concepts, terminology, financial institutions, important policies etc. The book is covering most of the information on which questions are generally asked in banking interviews.

Apart from these books you should also take help from Competition Success Review which is such a good book for the preparation of interviews. Also refer to the section on Interview preparation in this website for some very useful tips and methods.

Basic eligibility for bank exams:
Age to be between 18 28 yrs, as on 01.01.2011; little variations may be there from bank to bank.

Completion of a Degree (any discipline) from a recognized university is a must.
Able to read/write & speak in languages mentioned by the banks that are recruiting; most commonly must be fluent in English & Hindi (sometimes local language of the place where the bank is located).

Knowledge in computer operations is required in most of the banks
After passing all the eligibility criteria and applying for the examinations. A Common Written Examination (CWE) will be conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) as a pre-requisite for selection of personnel for Probationary Officer/ Management Trainee posts/Bank clerks in the Public Sector Banks.

Pattern of the Common Written Examination for PO's:
Selection of PO's is made on the basis of performance in written test and interview. Sometimes group discussions are also included in selection process. The pattern of the written test is more are less similar in all the public sector banks. The written test includes objective and descriptive type of questions.
The candidates shall be required to qualify in each objective test as per the cut-off marks determined by individual banks. For wrong answers there is provision for the negative marking which is normally 1/4th i.e. one marks will be deducted for four wrong answers.

Objective tests include Test for general awareness, Test for English, Test for quantitative Aptitude and Test for reasoning. The test lasts for the duration of nearly 2 hrs and for 200-225 marks, 50 marks for each subject roughly, conducted in English and Hindi languages. Bank Clerical exams have Clerical Aptitude test in some of the banks.

Descriptive test include of 4 questions out of which the candidates are required to attempt 3 questions only. The test will be of 60 marks (i.e. 20 marks for each question). The test will be only qualifying and the marks obtained therein shall not be reckoned for preparing the merit list. The candidates shall have the option to answer the descriptive test either in English or Hindi. Selected candidates in the written test are called for interview and Group Discussion.
This is the General pattern of Bank PO Exams, however now-a-days each bank is coming up with slight difference in the pattern of exam. So, better keep a check on exact pattern for coming exams on an ongoing basis.

Preparation tips for Bank Exams:
Writing the bank exams with short term preparation at the moment of the exam does not workout. Serious preparation at least eight months before is needed. For an aspirant who is willing to get success in bank exams right strategy, planning and approach are essential for preparing. If you succeed in choosing a right approach and right study material to read half of your job is done. As these examinations are completely different from school and college examinations; we are supposed to get minimum qualifying marks in each section. We have to work on some basic and crucial concepts and should manage to get best study material available in the market.

First we have to prioritize all the sections of the test according to good scoring possibility; in the priorities reasoning should be on the top of the list, then follow General awareness, Quantitative aptitude and English respectively. English is just qualifying exam; so you can just attempt all the questions just to qualify. Before appearing the exam know whether English is qualifying or marks are counted. General awareness is an easy scoring subject (you can score more than 80%).This consists of mainly current affairs and happenings in India and around the world, in the past 6-8 months. You need to devote some time on regular basis reading current affairs from different News Papers and magazines and keep yourself current. Quantitative Aptitude part is a general and basic math which is not very hard. The only thing is you need a lot of practice on regular basis and exact and thorough understanding of the concepts clearly. Practice should be in such a way that you answer the questions in an accurate and quick manner. The most crucial and the part on which your success depends is Reasoning test. This is the toughest part of the exam for most of the aspirants. You should understand the concepts and solve the old model papers and it will be more useful if you solve more and more questions; because more or less similar questions based on certain concepts appear in most of the PO's question papers.

Descriptive part don't require more preparation, because any fairly good student can answer this part and more over it is only a qualifying exam. Most of the aspirants qualify in this exam very easily; so nothing to worry about Time management in the Exam.

Even though you know all the answers and solutions for all the questions; if you can't solve them in given time it is of no use. Therefore, presence of mind and time management are major Keys for your success. In quantitative aptitude and reasoning right from the beginning of practice, make it a habit to solve with in certain time limit. Rigorous practice not only improves your accuracy; but also accelerates your speed in arriving at genuine and correct solutions.

Most of your success depends on how you divide the time between different sections. Generally English and General awareness do not require more time, because most of the questions are direct and do not require more thinking or analysis. So, try to complete both the sections within 30-40 min maximum. The more time you save in both these sections can be used in solving other two sections. It is good to contribute 35-40 min; quantitative aptitude has direct application of shortcuts and formulas; which can be achieved by more practice. Maximum time of 60 min or more can be contributed to Reasoning test; because it needs logical and analytical thinking.

Time management gives you competitive advantage over the other aspirants, who are attempting the same exam. More over time management is always useful in all aspects of your life; may it be your career or any occasion. You will learn proper use of time; so that you will not be wasting your precious time on unnecessary things and this in turn helps you in prioritizing things.

If you really prepare well you can easily score 85% and above in math and general awareness and 80% is good percentage in reasoning test. If you get 70% you will have fairly good chances for an interview call and if you score overall 80%, you will definitely get an interview call.

Preparation for Interviews and Group discussion:
The aspirants have to prepare well ahead of time for interviews and group discussions; because it requires a good command over communication skills. Immense and regular practice makes you well worse in these aspects and no doubt improve your communication skills.

Few tips for interview: Keep specific answers for all the generally asked questions. Dress in a proper formal manner, look and be polite, answer in more pleasing and confident manner.Some of the commonly asked questions in the interview:
Tell me about yourself?
Why do you want to enter banking?
What significant trends do you see in the future in Banking Industry?
Explain how you would be an asset to this organization or why should we select you for this position?
What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?
Do you think you are overqualified for this position?

Few tips for Group discussions: Here are few tips which give you cutting edge in group discussions as compared to other aspirants. Group discussion should be done in a very careful manner; because it is the way to test your communication skills, Leadership skills and your ability to work in teams.
Be polite with a slight smile on your face; have a positive approach over the topic you are speaking, this gives a good impression to the evaluators.
Initiating the discussion gets you an edge over others; but never ever initiates the discussion if you are not comfortable with the topic.

Do not speak in a hasty manner. Be, a good listener during the course of discussion. If you pay attention on what others are speaking, you can build upon the discussion and you can express your own views on the topic and you can even try concluding the topic. This builds up your image in the view of evaluators.

Be cool and never get indulged into arguments. If at all any arguments arise in due course accidentally; pacify them in a more matured manner by putting forth genuine views , so that other aspirants are soothingly persuaded.

If you prepare well in this sequence it is easy to crack the bank exams and come out in flying colors.

Wholesale Charity and Fundraising Suppliers

Choice of charity and fundraising suppliers plays an important role in the success of your charity event. In the past people never had to spend time in choosing the right promotional products for charities, but times have changed. Going from door to door with a tin can in hand is not a good fundraising idea anymore. You will require good quality promotional products that make people purchase them and may be pay some extra bucks for your efforts. Even before ordering promotional products for charities people are conducting a research of which is the best products to promote their cause. So after research you might get a fair idea about the kind of supplies you require. Next in line is the crucial decision of choosing reputed charity and fundraising suppliers who will be able to deliver you the best products.

As the charity and fundraising suppliers play an important role in your bid to help the needy, so you must keep some important points in mind:

Search: With the growth of the social awareness there are many fundraising events held every year and every such event needs the suppliers for promotional products for charities. So you are likely to find some charity and fundraising suppliers in your locality. You may also search for them in the yellow pages. Going online is also a good idea. Look for the directories that contain information about the various suppliers based on their locality.

Reference: If you have friends who are associated with other charitable organizations ask for references from them. If they have been involved with the selection of promotional products for charities then they will be the best person to guide you about the dos and don'ts.

Contact Suppliers: Once you get a list of the charity and fundraising suppliers give them a call. Have a detailed conversation with them. Clarify the goals of the organization and what you plan for your upcoming charity event. Inquire about the pricing, product range, amount for minimum order, time for delivering and other terms and conditions that the company might have.

Choose Experience: Experience counts. So it is important to choose charity and fundraising suppliers who have a fair amount of experience in the field. The supplier has survived for long in the business because they have catered satisfactory items to their clientele. They will not only deliver with the best promotional products for charities but also give you valuable suggestions based on their experience. If you happen to be shopping online make sure about the authenticity of the company before making the payment.

Save Time Shopping Online: Going from one store to the other can be a tiresome job. So why not use the power of the Internet and indulge in online shopping. There are a huge number of online charity and fundraising suppliers available. You can browse through their large list of promotional products for charities and make your choice sitting in the comforts of your home.

Shop Around: You are trying to raise money and thus you should keep your expenses to the minimum. So shopping around is not a bad idea at all. Ask for quotes from many charity and fundraising suppliers and choose the most trustworthy yet low priced supplier.

If you can keep all these points in mind while ordering and choosing the best charity and fundraising suppliers then you are sure to draw attention and get good collections from your charity event.

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The Cost of a Business Bankruptcy Attorney

The law on bankruptcy intends to help debtors settle their obligations to their creditors by either managing or liquidating the business. When a firm files for bankruptcy, the court assists them in paying their debts. Hence, during a bankruptcy procedure, all the financial activities of the debtor are under scrutiny by the court. The debts can be paid either by straight liquidation of the firm's assets or a plan for reorganization to enable the firm to keep on operating while the debts are being paid.

The hourly rate for bankruptcy lawyers varies from 0 to 0 an hour. Some lawyers will ask for an advance payment depending on their estimate of how long it will take them to study the case. Others will settle for staggered payments. An attorney could charge from ,000 to ,000 for liquidation bankruptcy but could go as high as ,500 to ,000 for more complicated business liquidations.

An attorney may charge for a reorganization bankruptcy from ,000 to ,000 but this will depend in which state the lawyer practices. In some states, the charge is higher while in others the charge is lower. The charge will also depend on the size of the business, for instance the lawyer may need a more detailed study before coming up with a definite recommendation. For a small business, this could be from ,000 to ,000, for a medium-sized company ,000 to 0,000, and 0,000 to 0,000 for a large business.

The bankruptcy court filing fee is 9 for bankruptcy liquidation and ,039 for bankruptcy reorganization, which will vary from state to state. Depending on the circumstances, the fees can be paid in installments or can be waived altogether for indigent plaintiffs.

Bankruptcy cases are filed in federal courts and not in any state court. The proceedings in court usually take four to six months, but this is only a rough estimate. Cases that are more complicated may take longer and simpler cases may conclude earlier.

Bankruptcy proceedings are an extremely complicated process because all the assets and monies of the debtors have to be closely scrutinized and analyzed. Creditors like bankruptcy proceedings because the negotiations are open and official. That is why a bankruptcy law helps both the debtors and the creditors in settling their obligations. Creditors are willing to compromise on a debt as long as there is hope that the debt would be repaid.

Whether the initial consultation is free or not depends on the lawyer. Some lawyers are fond of giving free advice and others are not. The lawyer will analyze any documents and advise clients on the available options.

It is always important to know the experience and training of a bankruptcy attorney before hiring one. Banks and CPAs may be good sources of information on suitable bankruptcy lawyers, and you can even ask other attorneys for referrals. The American Board of Certification maintains a list of lawyers who specialize in your area. This list of attorneys contains lawyers who specialize in business bankruptcy law, consumer bankruptcy and creditors' rights law, all sorted according to location for easy reference.

Your attorney should be able to provide you with a written fee agreement so that you know what you are paying for. This fee agreement should be determined during the negotiation process and should be included in any general agreements with the lawyer. Lawyers should explain the meaning of the various fees clearly, before providing you with their services.

The Bankruptcy Attorney will definitely help those people if they have filed for bankruptcy so that, the common people do not get over burdened with the debt which will be impossible for them to pay back.Click here for Bankruptcy Attorney.

If you are looking for the best person to advise you on business liquidity issues and insolvency, the best person to do so is a business bankruptcy attorney.Visit for more details.

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What Are The Similiar Things Between A Mlp And Reit?

Why not invest your assets in the companies you really like? As Mae West said, "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful".
Warren Buffett, legendary investor and the third richest man in the world.

The importance of investing in creating wealth is underscored by Warren Buffett's career. However, very few have the business acumen of the Oracle of Omaha and have to depend on others' expertise for managing wealth. This has given rise to investing vehicles like mutual funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

While mutual funds have been around for some time, REITs and MLPs are comparatively recent innovations. Both of them share some similarities and differences.

A REIT is defined as a tax designation for a corporate entity investing in real estate that reduces or eliminates corporate income taxes. In return, REITs are required to distribute 90 percent of their income, which may be taxable, into the hands of the investors. The REIT structure was designed to provide a similar structure for investment in real estate as mutual funds provide for investment in stocks.

A MLP is defined as a limited partnership that is publicly traded on a securities exchange. It combines the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the liquidity of publicly traded securities. To qualify for MLP status, a partnership must generate at least 90 percent of its income from what the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) deems "qualifying" sources. For many MLPs, these include all manner of activities related to the production, processing or transportation of oil, natural gas and coal.

Now, let's talk about the similarities between a Master Limited Partnership (MLP) and a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

One similarity, that has main implications for investors, is that they keep off the corporate income tax, on both a state and federal basis. finally, the investor's share of the proceeds increases. Another major similarity that both REITs and MLPs also share with ordinary shares, pardon the wordplay, is their tradeability. Units of both REITs and MLPs are traded on stock exchanges just like common stock.

Another similarity is that both REITs and MLPs are classified into three categories each. REITs are of the following three types:

1.Equity REITs: These own real estate like offices, malls, etc.
2.Mortgage REITs: These lend money to real estate owners or buy existing mortgages or mortgages backed securities.
3.Hybrid REITs: These are basically a mixture of the above two types - own real estate and lend money to owners of real estate.

MLPS are of the following three types:

1.Roll-up: Multiple assets or small limited partnerships combined into a larger limited partnership.
2.Rollout: A large, single multiple limited partnership like a corporation spins off some of its assets into a separate multiple limited partnerships.
3.Roll-in: New assets put into a multiple limited partnership with a guarantee to combine supplementary assets in future.

As is clearly seen, there is a lot that is common between these two investment vehicles.

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Fandango - Iphone App Review

Fandango (Free)

REVIEW- Buying tickets on your computer is so last year!

There are so many free apps that show you what movies are playing in theatres and where and when you can go to see them in your town. But what about apps that let you buy your tickets before you go? That's right, with this entry into the app store, Fandango puts the ability to buy movie tickets in the palm of your hand, wherever you go.

When you open up Fandango for iPhone, you are greeted with an interface that is probably at least somewhat familiar if you have used one of the many apps for keeping up on movie times and places. At the bottom of the screen are three buttons: Movies, Theaters and My Account. You start on the Movies page. On this page you see all of the movies that are currently playing in theaters. At the top of the screen is a toggle button to switch between that screen and the Coming Soon screen, where you can preview Movies that are on their way to theaters. Clicking on a movie title brings up information on that movie, showtimes, and gives you the option of playing a trailer for that movie.

The next option from the bottom menu is the Theaters button. From here you can see what movies are playing, and at what times for a specific theater. At the top of the screen you will see a toggle switch for All Theaters or Favorites. This allows you to show all of the theaters in your area, or to show a list of your favorite theaters. Adding your own custom favorites is extremely simple. All you have to do is choose a theater by clicking on it, and then click the heart shaped button in the upper right corner. This is an excellent feature that is not found in most programs like this one.

All of those things are cool, but if you're like me, they're just icing on the cake. I was looking at this app as a way to purchase movie tickets directly for my iPhone. I am happy to be able to tell you that the interface for purchasing tickets is incredibly easy and intuitive. There is even an option to save your credit card onto your iPhone so you can skip that step when you go to buy tickets. I would not recommend it though, because if someone were to steal your phone, they might just decide to take a trip to the movies on you! Thankfully there is no way to retrieve the information out of the app at least, so they wouldn't be able to use your credit card for anything else.

The last button doesn't have too much to it. The My Account settings just allows you to set up the current zip code that the app looks for movies in, your credit card information and your account if you have one. It also tracks your purchase history if you have any on another page accessed by touching the toggle switch that appears at the top of the screen.

In summary, this app really offers reduced functionality compared to the features of most apps in this genre, with the exception of ticket purchasing. Unfortunately, because there are relatively few theaters that actually support this feature (only 1 in the Oklahoma City Area) this feature is relatively useless. I love the interface, and it gives you basic, simple information you need to decide on a movie, but the deal-breaker (at least for me) is the fact that the only theater I can buy tickets for is over a 30 minute drive from my house. And so, as much as I want to recommend this app, I cannot until they get a larger movie theater support base.

- David H.
2009, All rights reserved. AppShouter LLC

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About Student Loan Garnishment

What is Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG)?

Administrative wage garnishment (A.W.G) is the process by which a Federal agency (Dept. of Education) or a third-party given authority by a Federal agency (the collection agencies) may, without first obtaining a court order, order an employer to withhold amounts from the debtor's wages to satisfy a delinquent debt. Dept. of Education considers AWG to be a tool of last resort. Before using AWG, Dept of Education expect its representatives to have attempted to resolve the debt through voluntary means: attempting to secure the balance in full, an approved settlement, or installment payments that are "reasonable and affordable" based on the debtor's individual financial circumstances. Some within the industry may consider this the guaranteed recovery method.

Representatives must consider whether the debtor presents a legitimate defense to the repayment of the debt(s), and whether AWG may be ineffective because the debtor is self-employed or a Federal employee, in which cases the collection agency will recommend litigation or a salary offset.

What is the purpose of AWG?

The purpose of an AWG is to recover the amounts for the Federal taxpayers without the cost of litigation fees. It was created to basically recover the unpaid debts arising from federally supported activities, which include student financial assistance.

What are the debtor's rights in the AWG process?

-To be sent a notice 30 days prior to ED ordering the wage garnishment that explains ED's intention to garnish, the nature and amount of the debt obligation, and the opportunity to inspect and copy records relating to the debt, to object to garnishment to collect the debt, and to avoid garnishment by voluntary repayment on terms agreeable to ED.

-To have the opportunity to inspect and copy Department records pertaining to the debt. (A copy of the original signature left on the promissory note and a payment history)

-An opportunity to present evidence and argument and on any objection by the debtor to the existence, amount, or enforceability of the debt, and to obtain a ruling on the objection.

-An opportunity to prove that the garnishment of 15% of the debtor's disposable pay would produce an extreme financial hardship.

-Having garnishment action withheld by filing a timely request for a hearing, until the hearing is completed and an adverse decision issued; Not to be discharged from employment, refused employment, or subject to disciplinary action due to the garnishment, and to seek redress in federal or state court if such action occurs; and Not to have any information provided to the employer but that which is necessary for the employer to comply with the withholding order.

-An opportunity for a hearing to present and obtain a ruling on any objection that garnishment cannot be used at this time because the debtor is now employed for fewer than 12 months after involuntary separation from the most recent prior employment.

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Metal Roofing Qualifies For The Tax Credit Of 1500.

The federal government and the IRS consider cool metal roofing to be so green they are providing tax credits to homeowners who install this energy efficient building product on their homes in 2009 and 2010.

The tax credits were already in place thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005. At that time homeowners who installed an Energy Star labeled cool metal roof could receive a tax credit of 10 percent of the material cost up to 0. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (a.k.a. the Stimulus Package) extended that same tax credit through 2010 and increased the maximum amount to 30 percent of the material cost up to an aggregate maximum over the two years of 00. The specifics of the tax incentive are covered in Section 25C of the IRS Tax Code. Homeowners need to use IRS Form 5695(2009 version).

Contractor credit
Other Federal tax incentives exist for new residential construction and commercial construction. For new residential, a qualified contractor can receive a ,000 tax credit for building a home that is 50 percent better than the performance according to IECC-2004. This credit was extended through 2009. A variety of energy efficient building features and processes can help to achieve that level of performance. A cool metal roof is no exception. Cool metal roofing has been shown to reduce annual cooling energy on homes by 25 percent compared to dark roof surfaces. They also can help to reduce peak demand electricity consumption by 15 percent in certain parts of the country.

For commercial building owners, a tax deduction of up to .80 per square foot is available if the building is designed and constructed to be 50 percent more energy efficient than one built to ASHRAE 90.1-2001 standards. That deduction has been extended through 2013 in the Stimulus Package. Again, a cool metal roof can contribute to the cooling and heating energy savings in these types of buildings.

Energy Star
Throughout the Federal Energy related legislation, references are made to the EPA's Energy Star program. Energy Star also has a Roof Products Program that lists products meeting certain criteria for solar reflectance. For steep slope roofing (> 2:12) the criteria are initial solar reflectance of 0.25 and aged (3-year exposure) solar reflectance of 0.15.

Today's Energy Star listing has more than 2,200 labeled products and more than 75 percent of them are either coatings for the metal roofing industry or metal roofing products themselves. Industry-recognized ASTM test methods are specified for measuring the surface solar reflectance of roof products.

In the current Energy Star Roof Products Program, manufacturers of roofing products are also required to report the measured thermal emittance of the products. Although there are no minimum criteria for emittance yet, EPA has suggested it will analyze the data being reported and possibly establish a requirement in future versions of the program.

The metal roofing industry is talking to Energy Star program officials to modify the existing program when it comes to metal roofing.

For example, we now know a roof installed in such a way as to create an airspace between the roof and the solid sheathing can significantly reduce heat flow through the roof. This phenomenon is known as Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) and when combined with a cool metal roof it can lower the heat passing through the roof by up to 45 percent. We are attempting to convince Energy Star that a roof with a solar reflectance less than their 0.25 minimum criteria, but installed with ASV, can be equivalent to a roof product that meets Energy Star, in terms of energy conservation.

Cool roofing
Energy Star listings for metal roofing are also connected to the products on the Cool Roof Rating Council 's directory. The CRRC is an ANSI independent organization that has established a third-party methodology for determining the solar reflectance and thermal emittance of all roof products. Unlike Energy Star the CRRC does not establish a cool roof definition or criteria based on reflectance and emittance. But the data in the CRRC directory can be used to populate Energy Star listings and for codes, standards or green initiatives to reference.

Renewable energy
In addition to the cool nature of metal roofing, which in itself makes it a green product, the surge in popularity of renewable energy is good news for metal roofing. A metal roof is the perfect platform for building-integrated photovoltaic systems. Fastening techniques now allow most PV systems to be installed on metal roofing without penetrating the roof surface. The synergy between the metal roof and the PV array is excellent since they both have a similar expected service life.

Wind power is another source of renewable energy. Many novel and new wind turbine designs are making their way into the marketplace. We are not just talking about windmill farms lining the horizon. Many new wind turbine technologies lend themselves to installation on roofs. Again, with metal roofing, the durability of the product, and the fastening technologies that prevent penetration, make metal roofing an ideal platform for introducing wind power to a building as well.

Metal roofing is a green product. The Federal Government sees it that way, and its properties allow it to be specified that way in numerous green building initiatives, rating programs, rebates and standards.