Friday, June 29, 2012

Bank Identification Number

Recent times have seen the improvement in technology in the banking sector. One of the technologies that has been developed is the use of the bank identification number. It contains 4 to 9 digits found on the credit cards or debit cards. The use of this banking identification number is to identify the institution issuing institution of the card. The use of this bank identification number is not limited to bank use only as some of t6he companies such as the American express are also using this technology. The BIN network in recent times has gained a lot of popularity from many issuers.
In many organizations across the globe, the term issuer identification number is the same as the banking identification number. There is always the need of to be updated regularly to keep track of the information that is necessary in combating many credit card fraud. With the bank identification number it is very easy for one to determine the country of origin and the name of the bank that issued the credit card to make sure that if the any information is required one can access is it with ease. With the bank identification number, you can determine the type of the card such as the credit, debit, prepaid, charge or the secured cards. In many cases, it is also easy for an organization to determine the subtype such as the classic, electron or business cards. Validity of the card is also established be it is a visa, master card or the American express. The bank identification also has additional information which include the city, chip availability and telephone numbers. With using the bin identification number various advantages are realized, these include:
It can be easily customized to meet ones business needs. With the number you can be able to limit the number of counties that you deem to pose a great risk in fraud cases.

It can also be used to charge different fees for different types of credit cards. This is a common feature why credit cards are used outside your country.

Most business people rely mostly on the business credit cards or the personal credit cards. They are involved in day to day transaction both online and offline. Care is therefore to be taken on these transactions. Traders are advised to use the bank identification number database services that allow them to confirm transactions securely without being concerned about frauds and scams. For BIN to be effective and fully utilized it should be user friendly. It is important that the professional handled bank identification database services is installed.

When installing the BIN database service it is important that you do not take any chances, it has to be accurate. Regular updates are important to monitor the new merchant and banks setting up retailers and bank that might be under receivership. Bank identification numbers database are made to ensure that they accurate in spelling therefore increasing the search quality. Bank identification number (BIN) has provided the most comprehensive and complete systems that have reduced fraud attempts and reduce chargebacks.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6 Easy Ways To Make A Quick Buck!

During this time of global financial turmoil, it's necessary that we learn to conserve and grow our fiscal resources. If you're in a pickle and need a few ideas of how to earn some quick cash, you are definitely not alone! Read on for some surefire methods that will put you back in the black and keep you securely out of the red!

1) Burn your home for insurance money: Items needed are gasoline, matches, insurance policy, and airtight alibi. But if you're an apartment dweller, you may want to rethink torching the place, seeing that about 100 other people would be without shelter. Instead, take out a renter's policy and stage a burglary. Hell, leave your door and windows unlocked for a week or two and you may be lucky enough for a real burglary to occur!

2) Declare yourself holy and secure TV airtime: It's simple, reallyjust wear a weird suit and pretend that you're talking to God and healing the callers who call in for help. Flash a P.O. box on the screen and ask for cash and checks to be sent in your name. Just don't run into any scandals or there's sure to be trouble.

3) Sell blood, plasma, and/or semen: This is an old trick, but it's still a good one. Besides, it's much better than selling yourself on the street corner.

4) Borrow pets and sell them: This money making scheme would even be more perfect if you walk dogs for a living. Simply take the lovable critters to a busy shopping area and sell them to anyone who's willing to shell out the cash. If you really want to capitalize on this lucrative opportunity, create papers for the pets and sell them as purebreds!

5) Salvation Army bell ringer: Because we're in the middle of the holiday season, this moneymaking scheme is just about perfect! Have a bucket, a bell and a sign declaring you as a certified Salvation Army representative. Set up shop in front of a busy storefront and in no time you'll be hearing the sound of coinage rolling in! It's really not a lie: the money will be going to the needynamely you.

6) Sell suggestive pictures of yourself (or neighbors): Although you may have never seriously considered it before, there is quite a market for racy, homemade self-photos. You may not think you have the nerve, but after a few drinks and a peep at your bank account balance you'll be raring to go! Borrow a tripod and a digital camera, don something tight and slinky and be the seducer you've always fantasized of! But if you find yourself being too camera shy and decide to weenie out, try the next best thing: photo your neighbors. Remember, you're only a Peeping Tom if you get caught.

But if you really can't see yourself ringing a bell or seducing the camera, here's another idea: learn more about your credit and take better control of your finances.

With the introduction of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, every United States citizen is given the opportunity to obtain one credit report annually completely free of charge. Though the process of actually receiving the report is simple, knowing where and how to get the report is vital to the procedure. Because of the importance of knowing and understanding your credit score, being knowledgeable of this process is necessary in taking control of your own credit future.

The three agencies responsible for generating credit scores, Equifax, Experian and Transunion, have combined their resources to create a single website that enables U.S. citizens to have their free credit report sent to them. The website,, offers a simple to understand format that enables those who qualify to view and print their report from the comfort of their home computer. The first step in the process asks for personal information such as name, address, date of birth, social security number and one past home address. Secondly, the site requests that the user choose a single company from which to receive their credit report; though every citizen is given a free copy of each of their three reports, they must choose either to receive them all at once, or in intervals throughout the year. After all information has been given and all query boxes filled, the report is generated and given in document form, giving the report holder the option of either saving and/or printing the report for their personal records.

Along with its main service, offers a number of resources for those who wish to learn more about credit reports and the process used to obtain them. Along with a brief description of the site and its founding companies, a thorough frequently asked questions section is included in order to help in answering the many inquiries that both users and potential users may have concerning, including the security measures the site employs, explanations of general terms, and tips on improving credit scores. But even though the site does offer a number of important extras, its main goal is to guide users through the simple steps of receiving and understanding their credit report and scores. Though the credit report is free of charge, a fee must be paid in order to receive your actual credit scores. The fee, though, is inexpensive, and generally less than fifteen dollars.

Jobs For People Who Have A Nurturing Disposition

Sometimes it seems that certain people are just cut out for certain jobs. As a customer or patron, you may deal with a professional that leaves you feeling good about your exchange. In other cases, you may come across a person who is a terrible fit for their profession and you find yourself thinking the person chose poorly and their job is not a good fit for their personality. A lot of this depends on how nurturing a person is and whether they have chosen a nurturing profession. If you consider yourself nurturing and you feel rewarded by caring for others, there are a lot of job opportunities available to you. Health care is one of the best professions for caring individuals. Nursing jobs like caregiver jobs and CNA jobs are perfect for those with nurturing personalities. Health care requires that a person not just understand illness and disease, but that they understand human nature and be able to empathize with those experiencing health problems. The best healthcare professionals are nurturing, caring people.

Another option for caring people is to work with the elderly. As we age, many of the skills we once had diminish and we may need help with everything from grocery shopping to home maintenance. There are also times when we just want support and companionship. If you are a nurturing person, you can assist the elderly with their daily needs and work with them to keep them company and help them feel good about their lives in later years. Home care companions and working in an assisted living facility both offer opportunities for working with the elderly population.

Those who love working with children and who have compassionate personalities can work in childcare centers. While the inclination may be to go into teaching if you love working with kids, childcare allows you to have a more social relationship with children. You can work with younger children in childcare. Infants and toddlers truly need nurturing when they are left in a childcare environment most of the day without parents. Caregivers substitute as parents during the workday, a role traditional school teachers only partially play. Childcare teachers must have a willingness to show physical affection to children and if you have a desire to teach and guide, as well as give hugs and bandage skinned knees, working in a childcare center may be the right choice for you.

Customer support is often one of the most under-appreciated fields in business, but the best customer service representatives are nurturing, compassionate people. While it can make you weary listening to the complaints of people all day long, if you can offer a client a comforting experience, it will go a long way in making a good impression on behalf of your company.

Finally, one of the most important fields requiring compassion and a nurturing spirit is counseling. Great counselors possess a combination of knowledge and experience, as well as the desire to care for people. If you have a nurturing personality and personal experience with life's challenges, you may want to consider a career in counseling.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is it a Good Idea to Rent Used Bucket Trucks?

Many industries that rely regularly on bucket trucks choose to purchase their own fleet of these vehicles. For example, electric companies own a number of them because their business relies on them on a daily basis. On the other hand, there are industries that also require their use but only on an occasional basis. For example, orchard farms use these vehicles only during certain seasons and therefore turn to renting, rather than purchasing this equipment. So, a company may wonder if it is a good idea to lease used bucket trucks.

Rental Options

There are many companies that offer bucket trucks for rent. In most cases, the equipment being offered was previously part of a fleet and has since been replaced by their first owners. These vehicles are then reconditioned before they are made available to eliminate any defects or damage so the customers who use them can trust that they are safe to use.

Companies that offer used bucket trucks for rent have various lending terms so their clients can easily find a vehicle that suits their needs. The terms offered by most lending companies are daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly rates. For contract terms that reach a year, most lending companies offer flexible and lower rates to their clients. Some lending companies even offer borrow-to-own equipment. With these terms, the lessee will own the vehicle after borrowing it on contract for a certain period of time.

Rental Positives

Renting a bucket truck has advantages and disadvantages depending upon the nature of the business and how the equipment will be used. One of the biggest advantages of leasing is that it gives a company the option to use a bucket truck without having to purchase one. This set-up is ideal for a business that only requires the use of this equipment occasionally, since buying and maintaining a vehicle would be impractical if it is only used once or twice a year.

Renting is also good for businesses that are just beginning to use this type of equipment. By leasing, they can experiment with the ways this equipment could optimize their necessary work. A company that is planning to purchase a bucket truck can determine the type that is best for them by leasing various models with different specifications and using them to see which ones are right for their needs.

Renting makes this equipment available to smaller businesses that cannot afford the high cost of purchasing a brand new or used bucket truck. By leasing, terms can be chosen that will fit the way the equipment is used.

Rental Negatives

While leasing a bucket truck has its advantages, there are also a few drawbacks to this type of arrangement. Since borrowed bucket trucks are used by various renters, it would not be surprising to borrow a vehicle that has defects. Any previous user could have damaged the vehicle and it could have gone unnoticed by the leasing company. The defective vehicle could compromise the safety of the operator of the equipment. When leasing a used bucket truck, always choose a company that is known for conducting a thorough inspection of their fleet and has an excellent maintenance program. If the equipment will be used near live wires, it should be dielectrically tested at least once a year to test the effectiveness of its insulation.

Monday, June 25, 2012

There Is No Recession For Financial Planners

If there is one field of career in India that has not been affected by the global economic recession, it is that of financial planning. Anyone who has a little deeper insight into India's economy knows that global financial crisis that has seriously hampered the world economy since 2008, still has its effects on Indian economy as well. But, though somewhat ironically, the crisis in the domain of finance-or at least a real threat of the crisis to appear anytime-has paved a flowery way for career aspirants in the field of financial planning.

The more the financiers feel uncertainty, the more they tend to seek better financial planning. This is the secret behind the overgrowing popularity of CFP training.

Is the Threat Real?

Do you doubt there is any real threat of recession? You may, but for those whose millions of rupees are at stake are already aware of the real situation. As per the data just released, the overall growth performance has been unexpectedly poor in India in the last quarter. The manufacturing sector has particularly performed poor-the growth rate in this sector has been as dismal as 5.3 percent. Though this figure is not so poor when compared with the world's large economies, it is by all means disappointing for ambitious Indian economy.

Basing on this real challenging picture, the scope for any ambitious and efficient financial planner is wide. It is the time that Indian intellect has to show its potential in fighting the recession and thereby to show the road to success to entire world. Financial planning is a bright field engrossed with challenges as well as possibilities.

This is the reason why youth in great numbers are seeking career in this field. More and more students are tending to opt for finance as their specialization niche in their business administration courses. Moreover, there are some uniquely designed courses for people seeking career in the challenging field of finance. The courses offered at ICFP, are include post graduation program in Financial Planning, MBA in Financial Analysis incorporating the American cfa, and so on. These courses are designed to serve specific requirements of people with different backgrounds and exposure to financial world.

Tailored Approach of Institutes

The institutes that glow at these times of apparent recession have been intelligent enough to avoid cut the feet to befit shoes. They have tailored the courses to address the varying needs of people. If you are already employed in some financial institution and want to sharpen your skills by a wider exposure and exercises alongside a precise grip on the basicsyou have a unique course for you. On the other hand, if you are a raw stuff for the financial instructors, you are also welcome.

Challenges Coupled With Rewards

The challenge is enormous in financial world. This is no exaggeration, but reality. There are principles and rules that govern the market and growth in industry and services. But these rules are the most fragile at the time of crisis. It was not out of any silly blunders on the part American financiers that they fell overnight in 2008 and onwards. They were as cautious as everand as vigilant as ever-but they eventually failed to foresee their fates through the flow of the events in the real estate and mortgage sectors. And the bubble of virtual financial growth abruptly burst!

Indian people too cannot be free of such sequences. What does it call for? It calls for sharp and potent young brains to take up the challenge, the enormous and critical challenge to save the fate of entrepreneurs and Indian economy.
But, if you have the guts to immaculately combine your theoretical knowledge with practical situations having innumerable variable to amaze you all the times, you are paid for this skilllucratively!

The growth prospects for your career in the niche filed of financial planning know no practical limits. The field demands focused and pragmatic solutions to real challenges, but embraces those with potential and a fine vision in financial matters with fabulous success in life. When are you going to look for a CFP institute that will help you to broaden your horizons in the slackening economy?

Impending Recession Calls for a Basic Planning

The matter of the fact is that planning is always fruitful in any business. But it becomes even more important in the times of recession. A greater care is required while drawing a plan to counterbalance the impending threats associated with recession.

Internal Rate of Return: Understanding the Difference Between IRR, MIRR and FMRR

Internal rate of return (IRR), modified internal rate of return (MIRR), and financial management rate of return (FMRR) are three returns used to measure the profitability of investment property. Each method arrives at a percentage rate based upon an initial investment amount and future cash flows, and in each case (of course) the higher the better, but the procedure for making the calculation varies significantly as do the results.

By definition, internal rate of return is the discount rate at which the present value of all future cash flows is exactly equal to the initial capital investment. To make the calculation, negative cash flows are discounted at the same rate (i.e., the IRR) as positive cash flows.

Let's consider the following investment with the initial investment as CF0 (always a negative number because it is cash outflow) and subsequent cash flows as CF1, CF2, etc., with some negative and some positive.

CF0 -10,000
CF1 -100,000
CF2 50,000
CF3 -60,000
CF4 50,000
CF5 249,300

IRR = 30%

Seems all well and good, but the problem here is that the calculation assumes that the cash generated during an investment will be reinvested at the rate calculated by the IRR, which may be unrealistically high and therefore will overstate the return on initial investment. Likewise, since negative cash flows are also discounted at the IRR, if that rate is fairly high, the investor might not accurately estimate the cash required to meet those future negative cash flows.

To deal with this shortcoming many real estate analysts use a method known as MIRR (i.e., modified internal rate of return). In this approach, the assumption is that positive cash flows the investment generates during its life can be reinvested and earns interest at a "reinvestment rate", and negative cash flows must be financed at a "finance rate" during the life of the investment. In other words, rather than simply using one rate (i.e., IRR) to deal with both negative and positive cash flows, MIRR introduces the option to use two different rates.

By applying a finance rate of 5% and a reinvestment rate of 10% here's the result using the same investment criteria as we did earlier.

CF0 -10,000
CF1 -100,000
CF2 50,000
CF3 -60,000
CF4 50,000
CF5 249,300

MIRR = 18.75%

Okay, then along came the financial management rate of return (or FMRR). Though it also provides two separate rates to deal with negative and positive cash flows known as the "safe rate" and "reinvestment rate", FMRR takes it a step further. The assumption here is that where possible, all future outflows are removed by using prior inflows. In other words, negative cash flows are discounted back at the safe rate and are either reduced or eliminate by any positive cash flow that it encounters. The remaining positive cash flows are compounded forward at the reinvestment rate.

We'll apply a safe rate of 5% and a reinvestment rate of 10% to our investment criteria to show you the result. But this time we'll also include a table to show you the adjusted cash flows.

CF0 -10,000
CF1 -100,000
CF2 50,000
CF3 -60,000
CF4 50,000
CF5 249,300

CF0 -111,717
CF1 0
CF2 0
CF3 0
CF4 0
CF5 304,300

FMRR = 22.19%

The financial management rate of return is difficult to compute, which is why most real estate investment software solutions opt for the modified internal rate of return (MIRR) calculation. But after learning about it from CCIM, I considered it a beneficial return for real estate investment analysis, so I included FMRR my ProAPOD real estate investment software as well as my ProAPOD mortgage calculator software. To learn more please visit the link provided below.

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Is Automated Trading Realistic for the Individual Trader?

As an individual professional trader you have some fantastic advantages in the markets over institutional traders and long term investors; however you also have a number of areas where the odds are stacked against you. Two of the major stumbling blocks have been budget restrictions and limited resources.

The large institutional traders have huge budgets for research and development as well as programming and technology. Retail traders are subject to the limitations of their own time and ability. As a retail trader you rely on your own ability to trade error free and are hindered by your time restraints. You don't have the luxury of handing over your positions to your Hong Kong or London trading desks when you head off to bed. In order to succeed at trading you need to focus on your advantages and minimise the weak areas. One of the best ways of minimising the weaknesses faced by an individual trader is to incorporate automated trading into your strategy to eliminate most of the problem areas faced by independent traders.

Automated trading systems were first developed and used by large institutional market participants but with the development of advanced trading platforms available to individual traders, the world of automated trading strategies is now open to the retail trader allowing him or her to compete on an equal footing with the large banks and institutions.

Electronic trading platforms such as Ninjatrader and Metatrader, available to the retail trader to trade foreign exchange via their broker of choice, has revolutionised trading for individuals. These programs allow end users to write their own automated trading plans and Forex trading systems. You can automate trading in very much the same way as the institutional traders have been doing for some time to gain an edge over the market.

These platforms have proprietary scripting languages, which enable individual traders to develop their own scripts, indicators, money management systems and ultimately automated trading systems. Due to the fact that these languages are open source there is a large community of developers sharing systems, ideas and expert advisors with other individual traders. This sharing of ideas, research, knowledge and coding allows traders to learn and improve their trading results.

However, this still left the retail trader with the need to learn a programming language and development skills which takes many hours of learning as well as a process of trial and error. Costly errors could be made in the process especially if you are not an experienced programmer to start with. With the advances in trading software the process of developing an automated trading plan for those not experienced in programming has become significantly more user friendly. The building of your own system is also well support through modern software trading programs by allowing us to fully adjust and backtest our system before running it in a live account.

Automated trading on the Futures or Forex market is the process of running a computer derived program through your preferred trading software platform. You as the individual trader use the in-built wizards to set your trading system rules and the software will automatically execute your plan day and night as if you were sitting in front of your screens constantly. The key advantages of this are numerous.

Your trading plan running automatically through your trading software does not need to sleep and does not make mistakes. So you have 24 hours of error free, stress free trading. It's a dream come true for retail traders who can now compete on a level playing field.

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Bankruptcy Attorney Fee and What Can Be Done About It?

The bankruptcy attorney fee varies depending on the unique circumstances of the specific case. Several other factors could influence this amount. Other questions may arise. Such as, what is the service available in return for the fees, or how to pay the fee when one is bankrupt, or even, is the insolvency lawyer at all required?

As a rule of thumb, for normal cases, the fee of an insolvency advocate is in the region of 00 to 00. However, this figure could vary both on the plus and minus side depending on the specific case. Although the figures look formidable, in reality, it is a worthwhile investment and a necessary one.

Most people fall in the normal cases. To the individual struggling with the multiple debtors, credit cards, and other mortgage arrears, the case may look to be a very complicated one. However, to an insolvency lawyer, this is just another regular case.

The fee is also dependent on the locality. If one chooses a counselor from the expensive and posh locality of the city, the charges are going to work out on the higher side. To keep the advocate fees down, one might have to do a thorough research and look for someone from outside the area.

Apart from attorney fees for bankruptcy, there may be sundry expenses depending on the type of defalcation case that is filed. These sundry expenses may differ, for example, when filing a chapter 11 or a chapter 13 defalcation. Therefore, it is necessary to get an idea of what the sundry expenses could be in your specific case. Your insolvency lawyer will be the best to guide in this subject.

To any debtor, faced with defalcation, the topmost question that has to be answered is whether an insolvency lawyer is required. One major reason why a counselor is needed is for paperwork that is required to be handled. This has to be completed accurately and correctly, which might prove to be quite daunting to a lay individual.

Another reason why an insolvency lawyer is required is to interpret the legal language. If the legal language is misinterpreted, small mistakes could be committed. These may go against you later. For example, you might be trying to pay off your relatives first, while ignoring others.

Even if your intentions were honorable, in the eyes of the debit and credit law, this is fraudulent, and considered as showing preference to some creditors over others. A destitution judge will certainly look upon this badly. A bankruptcy attorney will be able to advice as to which of your actions may be considered against the laws.

The process of filing for destitution is a very stressful experience. A lot of advice will be coming from relatives, and acquaintances. Sifting through all the advice and selecting the most optimum can become an impossible task. What is required is the professional advice that can be put to good use.

All this indicates a fee is a necessity. However, another vital question that may arise now is how to pay the fees for the liquidation attorney when you have no money as you are considering destitution. This is something that bankruptcy attorneys keep coming up against in their professional career, so they are well experienced in helping to raise the money for both, the advocate fees as well as the court filing fees.

Most bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultation, and this can be used to advantage before taking a final decision. Discuss all the debts that you owe when you call for the consultation. Unless the situation is declared completely, the counselor will not be able to help fully.The Bankruptcy Attorney will definitely help those people if they have filed for bankruptcy so that, the common people do not get over burdened with the debt which will be impossible for them to pay back. Click here for Bankruptcy lawyer
Click here for for Bankruptcy lawyer

FHA 203K Loans - Finance Home Repairs With A FHA 203K Loan!

FHA 203K Loans are insured by Federal Housing Administration. Previous to this program came to exist, you have to have a short-term mortgage for getting a house as well as yet another separate mortgage loan for home repairs. With a FHA 203K Loan you can finance the repairs and the purchase of the home all in one mortgage loan.

If you are considering buying a home HUD-FHA now has a great program called "The HUD 0 Down Payment Incentive Program" was you can purchase a HUD foreclosed home with only a 0 down payment. If the property needs repairs then you can use a FHA 203K loan to finance the repairs. You can get more information on "The HUD 0 Down Payment Incentive Program" by clicking on the links at the end of this article.

The Fundamentals of FHA 203K Loan

The FHA 203K loan had been initially meant to make easier the procedure of obtaining a home that really needs repairs. To receive the dollars for repairs, you're going to get a loan for the amount of money determined by the future appraised worth of your house. This means that the worth added to the house because of the repairs are going to be taken into consideration to estimate the existing worth. You can receive up to ,000 financing so that you can cover the needed repair expenses.

Your preferred building contractors who'll repair the house should be able to receive the funds in a couple draws. The initial draw covers 50 % of the job which will likely be disbursed in the beginning of the repair. And the second 50 % shall be disbursed as soon as repairs happen to be finished.

The actual repairs need to be began within thirty days after the loan have closed. The job needs to be concluded within six months. You need to ascertain a final sum to be provided to the contractors prior to loan closes. For this reason, you will need to receive the required bids from the building contractors for materials and labor charges. You are able to carry out the repairs as long as you are a licensed and bonded contractor.

Kinds of Repairs Covered by FHA 203K Loans

There are various different types of home repairs and improvement which can be covered by FHA 203K loan. Included in this are roof replacement, kitchen upgrading, plumbing related and electrical work, renovations for accessibility, house painting, and home appliance acquisitions. Cosmetic repairs and beautifications tend to be included with the mortgage. Yet, extravagance acquisitions and enhancements will not be acceptable.

You should note that that money required to repair unattached buildings aren't going to be included in the mortgage loan. These types of structures could include storage sheds, gazebos, and swimming pool.

How You Can Be Entitled to a FHA 203K Loan

FHA 203K loans as well as other current FHA home loans have related eligibility requirements. You'll be able to qualify based on your credit history and earnings. Most crucial of all, the house need to be FHA approved.

Usually, the monthly payment amount of money should not exceed 41 % of your usual monthly earnings. You have to have no less than 620 credit score that is required by nearly all loan providers.

Qualified homes include FHA-approved condos, planned urban development homes, and 1-4 unit homes. You will get this financing if your home was built a minimum of one year before application.

You might enjoy wonderful benefits from FHA 203K loan. The mortgage enables you to rehabilitate your house. Additionally it is useful for renovating foreclosed houses and properties and don't forget "The HUD 0 Down Payment Program"!

Here's What You Need To Know About Payday Loans

Payday loans have become quite popular in the United States because they come to the rescue of many people at critical times before they receive their salaries. The short-term loans, which are also known as payday advances, are borrowed to help in taking care of urgent needs before the salaries arrive. Even the most budget-conscious person can get into an emergency situation where such a loan may prove helpful.

In general, the loans amount to about 20 percent of the gross monthly wage. While they used to be more popular with low-income earners, the advances are nowadays common even among well-paid individuals.

Are the Advances Accepted Everywhere

The payday advances are legal in 37 U.S. states where there are guiding regulations. However, the laws in some states make the advances either not feasible or against the law.

The Application Process

The process of getting a payday advance is relatively simple and there is usually no need for a credit check. Many lenders ask for the following requirements:

Proof of steady income.

A monthly wage of at least 0 although this depends on the lender and state.

A citizen who is 18 years old or above.

An active bank account where direct deposits can be processed.

Applicants must provide their banking details and confirm their identities. Although this process is often conducted via fax, there are also faxless services. As a rule of thumb, no fee should be paid up front. Borrowers may apply for the loans at storefronts but many applications are nowadays processed online.

How is the Money Received?

The money is transferred directly into the borrower's bank account for online applications. In case of storefront loans, the borrowers provide post-dated checks covering the loan amount and related charges in exchange for cashable checks for their loan amounts. Some lenders may also provide cash.


The cash advances are usually repaid in one lump sum when the loan term ends. Post-dated checks are cashed at the right time. Alternatively, the amount is withdrawn from the borrowers' bank accounts in case of online transactions.

The loans are usually payable within a fortnight. However, the time may find a borrower still unprepared. National Trade Association members are required to provide extended payment plans at no extra cost. Some states also have laws requiring extension of payment plans.

However, extension must not be confused with rollover, which is effectively another loan on top of the existing one with additional charges.


These advances have several advantages over conventional loans.

The amount of money borrowed in relatively small

Loan applications are less complicated and take a short time.

The loan amounts are received quickly, which makes them ideal for emergency situations.

The one-time fees are usually stated in advance so the borrowers know exactly what they will pay.

Available to those with poor credit ratings who cannot get other types of loans.

The term of the loans is short, often one month at most.

It is important for borrowers to understand that payday loans are meant to address short-term financial difficulties. These may be such emergency situations as medical or auto repair expenses that must be met before the end of the month.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Free Credit Report Sales Pitch!

By federal law, you likely qualify for one free credit report per year through the approved government provider and there are a number of on-line companies that offer free credit reports. These offers seem very attractive at first glance because you get an on-line report without waiting for a report to be mailed to you, and you often can get several reports from the three major credit bureaus at the same time, which can save you time.

However, these on-line companies run the gamut from good to bad, so you must compare several different firms before choosing one. You will also need to read the on-line company's agreement very carefully because the fine print can hide a financial obligation.

Some reputable companies promise free credit reports but only with the purchase of a credit repair program or some other credit repair package. In some cases, you can decline the offer and still get the report but in other cases you cannot. It's your choice.

Also, some companies will offer you free credit reports that are really nothing more than a combination of reports from the three major credit bureaus. They are incomplete or edited. These are practically useless, because you will want to compare each of the three credit bureau reports and fix each credit score separately.

There are also many free credit report companies that will send you unsolicited emails trying to get you to subscribe to some service. Always read the fine print very carefully to see whether the free credit report offer has no strings attached.

If you don't qualify for a government mandated free credit report, one of the legitimate on-line companies may be your best bet for getting your credit reports. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start repairing your credit history and boost your FICO credit score.

Regardless of where you get your credit history and credit score, make sure that you get the most complete information package you can. The more detailed, the better.

When you do get your credit reports you will notice that they contain quite a bit of information about you, including:

1. Your personal and contact information.

This section includes your name and your address, as well as many of your former addresses, your Social Security Number, your employers (past and present) and your date of birth.

2. Your personal information about credit.

This lists all your loans, including the types of loans you have now and have recently had, the dates these loans were opened, the credit limit on each loan, how well you have been repaying those loans (this is important - skipped or late payments count heavily against you in your credit score), and who your lenders are are all in the file. This also includes credit cards, credit lines, and store charge cards. Everything is listed.

3. Information about you that is on the public record.

This is the one that is most surprising to many people. This section will expose bankruptcy, unpaid federal-state-local taxes, unpaid child support, liens, your history with collection agencies, foreclosures, loan defaults, civil lawsuits that you have been involved in, and other information. Much of this type of negative information will stay on your credit report for many years and will seriously affect your credit score.

4. Information about who has looked at your credit report and credit score.

Every time someone looks at your credit history it is logged as a "inquiry." Your credit report lists all inquiries in the past two years and how often you have applied for loans and credit in that period of time. Too many inquiries tends to look bad and will cause points to be deducted from your credit score.

So, when shopping for credit, never give your Social Security number to potential lenders. Only give them your credit score so they are not accessing the credit bureau and adding to the number of inquiries.

Finally, it is important that you look at all parts of your credit report and understand what you are reading so you can identify errors. Mistakes in any area of your credit report can affect your score, so be sure to check the entire report for inaccuracies and contact the credit bureaus immediately to correct them.

While you cannot hide from your credit history, you can do many things to correct it and raise your FICO credit rating.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is Sign 2 Cash A Scam? My Review

The answer to the question is NO signs 2 cash only provide you with a legitimate opportunity for you to make money from home. All of their opportunities have been tested and proven to make money for many other individuals around the world. Although this program will not make you rich, however it is meant to give someone a comfortable lifestyle while not having to work in an office for 8 hours a day.

You may be wondering what exactly will you be doing? You will be locating recently sold homes, apartments, condos, etc. in your local area. This is as simple as finding a for sale sign that has changed to sold.

The program is a paid membership for the following reasons:

-It takes time and money to maintain website as well as provide members with customer support. Also, because they are charging for ther services provided, you can be sure you will only receive the highest quality services, along with regular updates and reliable customer support.

-Your membership also locks you in as a member. This is to avoid too many locators in any one area physically so you are protected against such things as having 100 locators in your neighborhood all fighting to find the same sold signs. The membership fee cannot be deducted from your paycheck reason being this fee is required for database maintainance for members.

How do you make money?

Your Earnings Are Only Limited By The Number of Sold Signs You Locate Weekly!

Check the chart below for the potential earnings you could make!

5 sold signs located, 5 x .00 = 5 Per Day!
10 sold signs located, 10 x .00 = 0 Per Day!
25 sold signs located, 25 x .00 = 5 Per Day!
50 sold signs located, 50 x .00 = ,250 Per Day!

When you register to access the private back office and follow the simple instructions you are given, it will take a couple of weeks for you to make all the preparations needed to get started. Once the preparations are complete, you're ready to start earning. Make 5.00 in two hours easily.

The more time you invest, the more money you can make while working in a very rewarding, fun and easy business from your own home.

An average of .00 for every sold sign you locate goes directly to you!

No need to meet the people or even speak to them on the telephone. All you have to do is to find the addresses.

Skill & Experience Requirements

No experience is required and easy to follow instructions are provided. However, these minimum requirement should be noted:

- Older than 18 years old.
- Sense of duty and determination.
- Experience in writing and using a word processor such as Microsoft

3 Things To Remember When Using Affiliate Marketing Basics Beginner's Guide

Never before has making money online been so simple. If you're staring at a computer monitor all day and wishing for the end, you need to start looking into the many options that are available for people to earn a real income online. If you're not sure where to start or you're flooded with options, then you are a prime candidate for an affiliate marketing basics beginner's guide course. With proper training, you can not only learn from the mistakes that others have made, you can move forward and not lose money on books, and other media that promise big money and deliver nothing more than basic information. Remember the following 3 things:

Emulation is Key If you don't emulate your trainer when working through an affiliate marketing basics beginner's guide course, you'll be missing the point. Emulation is not a carbon copy, as you're not going to be working on the same niche that your coach will be. If you have someone working with you one on one or teaching you through a tutorial, you need to use the information available and apply it to a niche that is all your own.

Love of Niche The #1 tip that anyone can give you in regards to affiliate marketing basics beginner's guide is to love what you are going to get into. If you're working on recommending products, doing promotional writing, or anything relating to making a living online, you have to enjoy the topic you choose. If you chase money and aren't into the product your promoting, you'll give up before you make a dime. Pick something you love, not something that yields the most money, because you can sell a lot of things you love but selling things you don't really care for will show through your marketing attempts.

Do Not Give Up Affiliate marketing basics beginner's guide, like all other professional training is not going to be easy. You are going to be learning how to navigate the internet seas to make legitimate money. If you think it's too hard, or you don't necessarily make six figures on day one, don't throw in the towel. Take the information you're given and master it, then move towards setting up your promotional campaigns accordingly.

Affiliate marketing basics beginner's guide is available in a variety of ways, and you can learn how to earn a living without having to invest thousands of dollars into a physical location. It's interesting to note that to start a business in the real world, you need to have no less than ,000. Some people have to get a small business loan to start up with a lot of inventory and more. You could go the traditional route if you'd like, or you can learn how to make money online and save time and money. The online option costs nothing to set up, and can generate serious money within a short amount of time. Much like anything else in life, you have to at least try; if you don't ever try you won't see any major strides forward. Take the above tips and run with them, because making money online is possible.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Taking The Mystery Out Of Credit Card Terms

We've all seen the commercials by credit card companies offering balance transfers or a low introductory APR. Maybe you've seen a credit card company offering prime rate or a fixed-rate. Below are some of the more common terms used by card issuers and what they mean for you.

Let's talk interest. There are several types of interest rates a credit card company may offer. Each of these are typically based on annual percentage rate (APR). The annual percentage rate is the amount is costs the card holder to use the credit card for purchases. As the consumer is billed monthly, a periodic rate, a fraction of the annual rate, is charged. But there are different types of APR offered by credit card companies.

Many credit card companies will offer an introductory rate that is either very low or zero interest for a certain amount of time, such as ninety days, six months, or one year. Once that initial period ends, the APR will change to a different type of rate that is generally based upon the card holder's credit rating.

A fixed-rate APR locks-in the interest rate for a certain amount of time, meaning that the rate can neither go up nor go down during that time as long as your account is open and in good-standing. A credit card holder may receive this type of offer either after the introductory rate period has ended or when the account is opened. A fixed-rate APR helps the consumer to determine exactly what their monthly minimum payment will be.

Many credit card companies only charge an APR based upon purchases you have made if you carry the balance over to the next billing statement or for a set amount of time after the purchase was made. What this means is that if you pay off the amount of purchases you have made before the interest-free period expires, you will not pay any interest on the balance.

Meeting the payment terms and staying under the credit limit (the amount of money you may use for purchases or cash advances), is of extreme importance. Credit card companies typically have a penalty APR set-up in your agreement which, if you miss your payment's due date, go over your credit limit, or your payment is returned by your bank, triggers an interest rate that is much higher than the introductory or fixed-rate APR. In many cases, notifying your credit card company of a payment that could possibly be late, explaining your circumstances, may help you to avoid this from happening. When speaking to the company's representative, record the date and time of your conversation, and ask for the name of agent identification number of the person with whom you have spoken.

Some credit card companies offer what is called an adjustable-rate APR. What this means is that the interest rate a credit card company may charge you for purchases and/or cash advances can go up or go down depending upon what type of index they use to determine the rate. These indexes are usually the prime rate, or the treasury bill rates. This type of APR can be beneficial when the prime rate is very low, but it is often difficult to know exactly what your minimum payment will be.

Credit card issuers may charge what is called minimum interest. Minimum interest is the minimum amount of interest you may have to pay on your balance. For instance, a purchase you have made may incur .50 in interest based upon the APR, but the credit card company may have a minimum interest amount of .00. This means that you will have to pay .00 in interest regardless of the APR on purchases.

Hopefully, this has helped to take some of the mystery out of the terms often seen in credit card agreements. Be certain to read the full agreement and understand exactly what is expected from you as the credit card holder.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rippingtons Black Diamond Smooth Jazz Music CD Review

Black Diamond is the latest release from Rippingtons, and I can only think of one word to describe this CD AWESOME!

This one grabs your attention right from the very beginning with Black Diamond and won't let go until the very last note of the very last song Jewel Thieves, which by the way is another great track.

Black Diamond has a pleasantly varied, mix of 11 tracks that are very well written and brilliantly performed songs by these clearly outstanding musicians. With many of the songs displaying a lot of the kind emotion that makes for a really great listen. Seemingly drawing from what I can only imagine are their own real life experiences. At different points touching on the most real emotions of love, heartbreak, pain, failed relationships and unattainable romance. They're all here.

One of the nicer things about a CD like this is when the talent is this rich even if Smooth Jazz isn't your favorite style you still can't help but appreciate the greatness of the musicians.

I'm of the opinion that Black Diamond is certainly some of this groups best work in a few years. A totally enjoyable CD and an outstanding release. What I call must have music. I give it two thumbs up because it's a collection that even the casual Smooth Jazz fan can appreciate and enjoy.

While this entire album is really very good some of my favorites are track 2 - Deep Powder, track 5 - In Another Life, and track 3 - Seven Nights In Rome

My SmoothLee Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is track 7 - If I Owned The World. Outstanding!

Black Diamond Release Notes:

Rippingtons originally released Black Diamond on Sep 16, 1997 on the Windham Hill Jazz label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Black Diamond 2. Deep Powder 3. Seven Nights In Rome 4. Soul Seeker 5. In Another Life 6. Big Sky 7. If I Owned The World 8. North Peak 9. Angel Fire 10. Jewel Thieves 11. Black Diamond - (acoustic version)

Personnel: Russ Freeman (acoustic, electric, classical, slide, baritone & 12-string guitars, mandolin, keyboards, bass, percussion, loops, drum programming); Mark Williamson (vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion); Jeff Kashiwa (soprano & tenor saxophones, EWI); Nelson Rangell (alto & tenor saxophones, flute); Arturo Sandoval, Mark Ledford (trumpet); David Kochanski (piano, organ, keyboards, drum programming); Brian Moore (guitar, 12-string guitar); Kim Stone (bass, fretless bass); Steve Reid, Pete Escovedo (percussion).

Friday, June 15, 2012

Important Facts On Direct Deposit Cash Advances

You've probably heard a lot of talk about direct deposit cash advances. Also known as payday loans or fast cash, these types of advances can really help out when you're in a bind. Here are a few important facts on direct deposit cash advances you might want to know.

What they're not

Direct deposit cash advances are not considered secured loans in the sense that you won't be required to designate an asset such as your home or your car as collateral before you'll be approved. Generally, you need only provide employment information and a paycheck. The cash advance process doesn't require completion of lengthy application forms either. In fact, most application processes are paperless and can be completed right online.

Approval takes just minutes

In most cases direct deposit cash advances can be approved in less than 30 minutes. Most cash advance companies have only a few requirements: you must be at least 18 years old; you must have a bank account and; you must have had the same job for at least 3 months. Sometimes another requirement is that you earn a certain net salary. But there's no waiting for a background check or a check of your creditworthiness.

Money is transmitted electronically

That's right. Once you're approved for direct deposit cash advances, you need do nothing more. The approved loan amount will automatically be added to your bank account balance as soon as the funds have been transmitted. If your cash advance request is approved on a weekday, you'll generally have the funds in your bank account within 24-hours where they'll be ready for your use. When you apply on weekends or holidays you typically have to wait until the next business day. Most importantly, you won't have to waste time waiting in line to cash a check because paper checks aren't used with direct deposit.

You choose the cash advance amount you need

Direct deposit cash advances typically are available in increments of 0. From a low of 0 to a high of ,000 and sometimes more, you select the amount you need during the application process. Some cash advance lenders may not approve the full amount the first time you apply. However, the amount can generally be increased with every satisfactory cash advance repayment.

Direct deposit is preferred

Most cash advance companies only allow direct depositing of funds. Sometimes an alternate arrangement can be worked out, but it takes more time because it usually involves many more steps. Direct deposit benefits everyone involved in the process. In fact, it's the safest and fastest way to get the money when you need it.

Many are taking advantage of direct deposit cash advances

It does not matter who you are. What matters is that you need help getting out of a short-term financial crunch. Those applying for direct deposit cash advances include men and women, homeowners and renters, married individuals and singles, those with good credit or bad, persons of every race, and professionals as well as students.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Refinancing A Bad Credit Home Loan May Be A Good Idea

Reducing Interest Rates Saves Big Money

When mortgage rates fell a point or two below the current interest rate, it was a good time for refinancing your bad credit home loan. Nowadays it is a very smart move; you will save substantially with a bad credit home loan refinancing in the long run. Really, there are many considerations as you contemplate refinancing, including options such as low-cost or no-cost mortgage refinancing, as well as traditional refinancing.

Decreasing Monthly Bad Credit Home Loan Payments

If you are looking to stay on your property for a good length of time, this is a perfect move. You stand to make monthly savings by decreasing your usual bad credit home loan payments. On the other hand, if you plan to leave your home for another in the short term, you may not stand to regain any of the costs incurred by the refinancing because you will not have stayed there long enough. You need to do a break-even calculation to see if refinancing your bad credit home loan will pay off over the time you spend in the home.

Three Methods of Refinancing

Refinancing your bad credit home loan could involve one of three methods. One way would be to get a refinancing that lowers your monthly payment. Another would involve reducing the term or length of years you would hold the mortgage. The other would call for you to switch to a mortgage plan allowing you to make interest-only payments.

Applying for a Fixed Rate Mortgage

Adjustable rate mortgages (A.R.M.) may decrease monthly payments in the beginning, but market lending rates could significantly increase your monthly payments to a point that you may no longer be able to afford them. That is the risk with a bad credit home loan A.R.M. This is could be okay if you only plan to stay on the property for a short time. Though the interest rates may be a little higher, a fixed interest loan would eliminate your payments being tied to market lending rates. You would know the specific amount you would pay from month to month.

Removing Private Mortgage Insurance

There is a low down payment option for refinancing your bad credit home loan. You can move in with less than 20% down. These do require you to purchase home-buyers insurance that is designed to cover the seller should you default on the loan. After the amount of time it takes for your home value to increase, or your loan balance to decrease, you should be able to drop that expense.

Using a Balloon Program

A balloon mortgage program allows for decreasing the interest rate and the monthly payment you experience with a bad credit home loan. After five to seven years, the fixed-rate term comes to an end. If you are still on the property, the whole balance comes due to the lender. At that point, you would need to adjust to a fixed-rate or other form of home loan.

Cashing Out Home Equity When Dealing with Your Bad Credit Home Loan

Do not fail to consider the possibility of earning money through your home. If you have equity, you property could be a source of a good deal of cash. A cash-out refinancing allows you to refinance and consolidate your interest rates, and get enough cash back to pay for home improvements, or even college expenses for your youngster. This move is tax-deductible. Bad credit home loan refinancing could get you the money you need for a big expense or an unforeseen emergency.

Plenty of Refinancing Resources

You should learn plenty about your options for bad credit home loan refinancing. The Web offers many information sources, even whole websites, focused on bad credit home loan refinancing. The crux of the matter is scrutinizing your financial and housing situations to find which would work best for you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to Disappear... Alcatraz Style

Those of you who recognize my name know that I am a skip tracer, one who finds people; however, more interesting, I teach people how to disappear. About a year ago, I met up with some famed Hollywood Producers about creating a show about me finding people who have disappeared - titled Missing.

The producers were interested in doing cases where it was possible the missing people maybe alive. Like Whitey Bulger leader of the Winter Hill Gang, DB Cooper skyjacker and bank robber, Lord Lucan British high society and suspected murderer, Moana Pozzi Italian porn star. Out all the cases that were kicked around they were interested in brothers Clarence & JW Anglin the famed escape from Alcatraz, made popular by Clint Eastwood in his portrayal of Frank Lee Morris one of the escapees.

My attitude was negative I figured there is no way the Anglins or Morris made it out the dark waters with their makeshift rafts, boy was I wrong. Therefore, the journey of locating the Anglin brothers begins, I started my search by locating family.

The Anglin name is somewhat of a common southern name, most searches on line brought me to the movie site that linked the movie Escape from Alcatraz. I located an old book written titled Riddle of the Rock by Don Denevi, an interesting book that discusses the escape in detail - unlike the movie that simplified the break out.

The theory is that Bumpy Johnson a notorious Harlem mob boss assisted in the escape by having a boat out in the bay waiting for the escapees. However when I did my research on Bumpy Johnson he had no power left and no money to finance such a feat. In addition, the environment on the rock was hostile, amongst the different ethnic groups, though some believe that the escape plan united the groups and kept it a secret from the guards.

The vital hope amongst the prisoners was that if the escapees made it out alive, they perhaps would shine light on the horrible conditions in Alcatraz. The big house was filled with small cells, no exercise and high carbohydrate diets to keep the inmates lazy although the Warden allowed painting on canvas.

After days of spinning my skip tracing wheels, I was unsuccessful in locating any of the Anglin family members. Sometimes when one skip traces the simple things are forgotten. I finally hit and start posting that I am a writer searching for Anglin family members. A few days later, I get an email from a woman who knows the oldest brother and patriarch of the family. I will refer to him as Man a family nickname.

I dial Man's cell phone number and an easy southern voice answers. I tell him my story that I am working with some producers who want to do a TV show about his brothers. Of course, I leave out the part that we are looking to capture them. Man agrees to meet me at a nearby Arby's restaurant the following day.

The next day I arrive at the Arby's restaurant about forty minutes early, checking out the scene. I wasn't sure what to expect from Man or other family members. When you're a skip tracer being paranoid at times is your best tool. The paranoia can keep you one-step ahead. After assessing that, all was cool I walk in a sit down, shortly after walks in the kindest looking person I ever met, Man brother to JW and Clarence.

As Man was sitting down, he asked if I was going to make him rich and famous, I laughed. Although Man was not joking, he told me how the media pretty much used him and spit him out. He told me everyone else made money off his brother's infamy but the Anglin family never received a dime from books, TV shows and movies made. My answer was simple, how bout we start with a cup of coffee I am buying. Man smiled, he preferred bottle water.

I wanted to know about the brothers, how they found themselves in a place like Alcatraz. Clarence and JW robbed a bank in Alabama, what most people do not realize is a third brother was with them and the supposed ringleader Alfred Anglin. Man told me that Alfred was always in trouble and prior to the bank robbery in Alabama Alfred was on the lamb for several years living in the middle of Florida working a farm picking fruit and vegetables.

While hiding out in Florida Alfred fell in love with a sixteen-year-old beauty named Jeanette. Like Romeo and Juliet it was a forbidden love, the couple crossed the state line and married.

Not far from the Arby's restaurant is a small graveyard with Alfred's headstone and an old photo of Alfred and Jeanette announcing their marriage for all to see, quite brazen for a man on the run. That was just the way Alfred was, he feared nothing and wanted to give his new bride more in life so he devised a plan.

While Alfred was picking fruit under the hot Florida sun, Clarence was working a road gang somewhere around Ft. Meyers. Turns out Clarence's mother Rachel and another of her sons' went to visit Clarence in the jail. Clarence told them not to come next week that he would be visiting them at home. The mother and brother shrugged it off to Clarence's usual banter.

The following week, Clarence true to his word escaped the road gang with two other prisoners. Clarence was barefoot and made his way up the Gulf Coast, wading and swimming for more than sixty miles.

Man told me that Clarence and JW were thick as thieves and since childhood, they had a unique way of communicating between each other, secret destination to meet up at, phone calls with certain amount of hang-ups determined locations. JW received such a message and met up with Clarence when he escaped the Florida road gang and took him to stay with Alfred on the farm. Farm life was no life for Clarence, he had a tough edge to him and preferred easy money for the day as opposed to a weekly paycheck also picking fruit never paid that much.

The plan, Man told me that originally, Clarence and Alfred were going to rob the bank in Alabama, and originally JW wanted no part of the crime. JW was a ladies man, sharp dressed and loved fast cars. A fast car was needed for the bank robbery, JW refused to lend his car and eventually decided that he would go along and drive the getaway car. What the brothers did not know was Alabama supposedly still had the death penalty for bank robbery.

My meetings with Man became weekly, more like a Tuesday with Morrie but in an Arby's sipping bad coffee and him the usual water. Man was always cautious about how he answered my questions; in his late seventies, he was sharp. One time he was bold and told me he had to watch what he said, he didn't want to get in any type of trouble. Not sure, what he meant I pushed on, but his big southern smile always brought the conversation to another topic.

In another meeting with Man, he implied that I might be a US Marshal trying to capture his brothers and wanted to know if I was wired. I told him I was not, he asked me to take off my shirt and prove it to him. That afternoon in the Arby's I stood and took off my shirt as the patrons looked at me as if I was crazy. Man, pulled out a business card of a US Marshal, forty years after the escape the US Marshals actually approached Man and asked him to take a polygraph test. They picked him up from his small lot where several trailers housed Man and a few siblings. The Marshal drove him to an office asked him thirteen questions, drove him back home and never discussed the results of the test.

The bank robbery, JW drives his brother up to the bank door. Clarence and Alfred enter the bank a toy gun is used a woman near faints. The two brothers stop the robbery and give her a glass of water - about 19k is stolen. Eventually the brothers are apprehended in Ohio. Less than 600 were spent from the loot. All three brothers were found guilty. Alfred was sent back to Atlanta since he owed the state time for his prior escape. JW and Clarence went to Leavenworth and eventually Alcatraz because of a foiled escape.

Fast forward Alcatraz June 11, 1962 Allen West the mastermind behind the Alcatraz escape is unable to exit his cell, JW, Clarence and Frank Lee Morris escape into the dark waters supposedly never to be seen again.

After the escape, Man told me that he was visiting Alfred in the penitentiary and in the prison bathroom Alfred said he received a message from Clarence and that he knew where the brothers were holed up and he was going to break out and meet up with the pair. Alfred true to his words attempted to escape prison only to be killed by electrocution.
Long after the Alcatraz, escape there have been several sightings and assumed correspondence from JW and Clarence. The smoking gun by Hollywood standards would be a postcard that arrived one day from Brazil, written in Clarence's writing. Every year on the mother's birthday, she received two dozen red roses with unsigned cards. The roses stop upon her death.

At times Man would open up and bring me closer to a world he shared with no one, not even his own siblings. They joke about if anyone knew the whereabouts, Man would know. I asked to see the postcard from Brazil, however, a week later Man told me the card is gone no one can find it. I offered him twenty thousand dollars just to look at the mysterious correspondence. Man smiled and again in that polite southern voice - it was misplaced.

Some years ago, Unsolved Mysteries did a segment about the Anglin brothers; I had the good fortune of meeting the Director of that segment who was now one of the producers I was working with. We flew together to meet up with the US Marshal that worked the tips from Unsolved Mysteries.

1. A woman called in claiming to have met Clarence Anglin after the escape at a barbecue. She claimed he was with a teen girl named Rachel, strangely enough that was the name of the Anglins mothers. The woman claimed that she also visited the home of Clarence in Georgia and mentioned particular features about Clarence that only would have been recognized in person.

2. In the same area of Georgia, a bank was robbed and the MO was similar to the Anglin bank robbery in Alabama. What is so interesting is the Georgia bank robbery is in the same town where the Anglins hail from. Mike the producer told me when he was shooting the Unsolved Mysteries segment he had the wanted posters of Clarence and JW faxed to a hotel managers office, the manager remarked that the faces looked like the guy who robbed the bank a few years back in Georgia.

3. The US Marshal met with another woman who claimed she was on her father's ranch in Texas when several men showed up who were assisting a man being smuggled into Mexico. Her father claimed it was one of the Anglin brothers.

4. We learned that only a few years back the US Marshals received a tip that one of the Anglin brothers was in Brazil. The US Marshals went down to Brazil and got a confirmation from a local bartender that one of the brothers was there. Eventually the trail went cold.

Mike and I eventually made our way to meet Man but first stopped in a local diner. We started talking with a few locals, one specifically who knew the family well. He told us what most people do not know is that one of the Anglin siblings was out in California during the escape and not far from the rock - information not in the FBI file.

The FBI file is an interesting piece of work, the attitude is summed up that most likely the trio drowned in the bay. Across the bay was a community of people known as the colony, these were family members of inmates locked up in Alcatraz. There is no record of the FBI ever speaking to members of the colony.

We picked Man up and he gave us a grand tour of where the Anglins grew up, from back woods swimming holes, to back roads where JW raced his Thunderbird. Man told stories of JW being a ladies man, dressing like a fancy preacher, Clarence being tough as nail and Alfred, well Alfred was just destined for trouble. Mike and I were hoping to get that smoking gun it never came.

Either way Hollywood passed on my show titled Missing, to them there was no smoking gun. The secret of Clarence and JW still hide behind the kind smile of a gentle man named Man. Through my search, I learned of things that are best left unsaid, things that imply or point to the strong possibilities of life after Alcatraz for JW and Clarence.

To me it was a great experience to dive so deep in the world of such a mystery - that will never be solved or at least not yet! That was the last time I saw Man and that's how you disappear Alcatraz style.

Frank M. Ahearn

Monday, June 11, 2012

Best Locations In Bangalore To Buy Residential Property

When you think of buying a residential property in Bangalore, the choices are many, ranging from simple one room house to independent villas. But, choosing a location can be quite a cumbersome task, as you have to choose a property that suits your needs and your pocket too. The price of a property depends on the type of the property and the location. You will need a bigger pocket if you are eyeing the central areas that are well connected and located in the heart of the city. Or, if you are satisfied staying in some interior part of the city, you don't need to worry much about the expenses.

The most popular areas like Brigade Road, M.G. Road, and Cunningham Street etc. are mostly known for their commercial importance and it's a mammoth task finding a house in these areas. Apart from that, there are some residential areas as well, that may not be as pocket-friendly as you want your desired locality to be. For example, Sadashiv Nagar, Whitefield(Villas), Off Cunningham Road, Off Palace Road etc that are known to be the abode of the affluent.

Following is a list of stylish, well-planned residential areas in Bangalore that are well connected and yet, are average budget localities:

Indira Nagar-Located within a diameter of few kilometers from Domlur airport, the area is well connected to rest of the city. It can boast of several renowned hospitals and educational institutions as well. There are a number of shopping options in addition to nearby pubs, bars, restaurants, gyms etc. The area can be classified as an average budget area.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.4736/sqft and Rs. 16/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 8935/sqft.

Koramangala-Reputed firms and business houses, renowned educational institutions, St. John's Hospital and a number of shopping centers and malls, this area is surely a very good option to settle down. Criss-crossed by many roads and near to Indira nagar, the area doesn't seem to be facing any sort of connectivity issue.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.4614/sqft and Rs. 18/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 6570/sqft.

Banshankari- A medium budget locality at about 15 Km from railway station and 25 Km from the airport, the major connecting road is the 100 feet ring road. There are a number of new projects developed recently or under development in the area.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.4232/sqft and Rs. 9/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 3693/sqft.

Jayanagar- Lying close to Banshankari, Jayanagar is a well developed residential area with a cosmopolitan setup. There are a number of shopping complexes, educational institutions and some of the most famous food joints, e.g. Mughal Darbar, Taj Darbar, Blue lagoon etc., in the area.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.4974/sqft and Rs. 15/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 10167/sqft.

Malleshwaram-It is one of the greenest localities of the Garden City. The place is naturally beautiful with the lush greenery all around.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.5223/sqft and Rs. 16/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 8312/sqft.

Marthahalli- Close to Whitefield and Sarjapur, the area is well connected and offers lots of new projects as well, to choose from. It is again a medium budget locality.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.2617/sqft and Rs. 12/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 2863/sqft.

BTM Layout-Located in the southern Bangalore, the area houses the IIM. It is a well planned residential colony with developed road system and separate market place.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.3174/sqft and Rs. 12/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 5110/sqft.

Madiwala- An area for small budget home seekers, Madivala is one of the most crowded areas of Bangalore. Though the interiors of the locality are not comparable to those lying in the vicinity, it is nearby to BTM, Koramangla, and HSR Layout areas.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.2785/sqft and Rs. 12/sqft respectively.

HSR Layout- The area is well connected to Whitefield, Marthahalli, and Electronic City, where most the offices are located. Well connected to the city and better infrastructure makes it dearer. You can find any number of medium budget houses in this locality.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.3351/sqft and Rs. 12/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 4402/sqft.

K R Puram- Krishna raja Puram or K.R Puram is well connected to the city. You can find hundreds of flats in this area, depending on your needs and budget.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.1796/sqft and Rs. 10/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 1151/sqft.

A Guide To Foldable Treadmills

If you are looking at the range of space saving, fold up treadmills out there and are confused about what to buy then you have come to the right place. In the following guide I will walk you through what to look for when choosing and foldable treadmill and showcase some of the top rated fold away treadmill models on the market today.

Are Folding Treadmills Any Good?

It is fair to say that when these first came onto the market these types of treadmills were more gimmick than practical. Many featured bad design, weak features and poor durability but thankfully that is a thing of the past. Oh sure, you can still pick up a shabby model from your local Wal-Mart or other non-specialist store but there are also now many high quality products to choose from meaning you can get all the convenience of an easily stored fold up treadmill without compromising on quality.

So, how to you go about separating the wheat from the chaff and how can you buy a quality product without maxing out your credit card? The following section outline what to look for when choosing a treadmill and showcase some of the best rated folding treadmills by shoppers.

What To Look For When Buying A Folding Treadmills

Finding The Best For You!

Not everyone has the same set of requirements for their treadmill and this is one of the reasons there are so many options out there and the price range varies so much. You can buy a folding treadmill for under 0 or you can spend upwards of ,000 for one of the really heavy duty models out there.

For most of us however, a good folding treadmill can be picked up for under ,000 if you really only intend to use it as a walking treadmill and from anywhere in excess of ,500 - ,500 for running.

Either way, there are several things to look at which will influence your buying decision and help you find the right machine for your needs.

There are also specific things to look at if you are set on buying a folding treadmill as opposed to a fixed frame treadmill and these are as follows:

Weight, Size and Storability Issues

Q. How much does a treadmill weigh?
A. A lot!

Folding treadmills are much lighter than their fixed frame counterparts, but still, this is an item you are going to fold up and store, pull out and assemble regularly so you will need to look at the weight and whether this is managable for you.

Mostly, storage is simply a case of lifting up the running bed and wheeling the now folded treadmill wherever you need it to go but if you have a physical condition which makes bending and lifting a problem then the weight issue becomes more relevant to you and you need to look more closely at exactly how moveable a fold down, portable treadmill is going to be for your own circumstances.

Stability and Durability

How stable is a folding treadmills? In the past the answer would have been - "not very" - now that is only true in the cheaper foldable treadmill models you'll find on the market. Cheap folding treadmills typically have somewhat flimsy frames and do not feel all that solid in their build quality.

This tends to get better with price but it is best to check treadmill reviews and opinions or to try the model out yourself to make sure your choice is a good one. The more stable the better as there is nothing worse than running on a machine which wobbles all over the place or makes annoying creaking and juddering noises whilst you are trying to work out.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

125% Home Equity Loans Explained

The high competitive loan market has created 125% home equity loans to provide inexpensive funding to those who have already reached the 100% limit of their property value. With this exceeding amount you'll be able to obtain the money you need for any purpose with lower interest rates and more advantageous terms than with unsecured loans.

It is not easy however to understand how an inexistent amount of equity can secure a loan. Given that a property has a limited value, the amount of money borrowed that exceeds this amount might seem unsecured. However, it is actually secured with the same property only that there is a higher risk for that exceeding amount.

Property Value And Equity

A real estate property is an asset in whole, the market value is unique and with some exceptions, it cannot be divided. Thus, legally speaking what secures a certain amount is an ideal or virtual part of the asset. This implies that with home equity loans that exceed the market price of the asset, the risk for the lender of loosing money is greater.

When you obtain a 125% home equity loan, the mortgage loan is fully protected. The remaining equity guarantees the home equity loan. For a 0,000 property with a ,000 mortgage balance, you can obtain up to ,000 with 125% home equity loans, but the property can only guarantee up to ,000.

It's Just A Matter of Risk

The lender counts on the fact that properties tend to increase their value and that as soon as the mortgage and home equity loan's balances are reduced enough, the property will be able to guarantee the whole remaining balances and no exceeding amount will linger unprotected by the collateral. Thus, the lender is only risking a smaller amount for a short period of time.

Nevertheless, the greater risk exists and thus, the lender will compensate that fact with higher interest rates and shorter repayment programs so as to obtain higher monthly payments and reduce the debt faster. Also, in order to get approved for these loans, you'll need to meet harsher credit and income requirements.

How And Where To Get Them

Though these loans are becoming increasingly popular, you just can't find them anywhere and only specialized lenders are offering them widely. However, it is possible to find different lenders and compare what they have to offer by searching the internet for 125% home equity loans. Once you've entered your search in your favorite search engine, you'll be presented with many results.

Make sure to check everything thoroughly and contact the lenders informally prior to applying. Remember that given the higher risk that these loans represent you might be asked to meet harsher credit requirements than with regular home equity loans. And thus, you need to make sure you qualify before applying so as to avoid declines that might affect your credit negatively making it even more difficult to obtain financing in the near future. By requesting loan quotes you might be authorizing the lender to run credit checks, so be extra careful and ask the lender before applying.

Imperative Aspects Of Real Estate Brochure Design

Real estate professionals recognize the importance of creating a distinctive image for themselves, their company and the properties they represent. A well designed real estate brochure can be used as an effective marketing piece that will inform prospective clients of the agent's experience and notable accomplishments. High definition images and listing details can be displayed on quality paper stock to enhance the appeal of the property to prospective buyers.

Brochures have the distinct advantage of providing more space for detailed presentations. The agent can offer additional information about their hobbies and affiliations that may create connections with potential clients. When using a brochure to market a home, adding more photos can help a buyer determine their level of interest prior to requesting a showing.

Brochure Design

For agents in Detroit, real estate brochure design should always contain at least four essential elements regardless of the layout style. This includes using a recent appealing photo, adding the company logo, providing contact information and developing well written copy with a call to action.

There are several other important components that will help ensure that the brochure is effective in attracting the attention of potential clients.

- Match the Design Theme to the Property: Every brochure should contain a theme that serves to accentuate the agent, the company and the property itself. This revolves around the proper use of color, shading, photos and fonts.

- Utilize Every Page in the Brochure: While it is important to avoid cluttered designs, brochures for real estate can never provide too much information. With many different brochure printing sizes and folding options, each page can be used to further enhance the image of the agent and property.

- Create a Compelling Headline: Brochure readers are naturally drawn to the focal point of a brochure. A persuasive headline and an attractive image both serve to engage the reader and encourage them to learn more.

- Stress Benefits: The copy must always highlight the selling points of the property and the qualifications of the sales agent in a friendly but informative manner. The goal is to create a favorable impression and induce the potential buyer to take further action.

- Proofread the Material: It is extremely important to have several different people read through the brochure to check for errors prior to printing. Undiscovered grammatical and spelling mistakes can result in unnecessary time delays and added expense.


When the real estate brochure design is completed, printing shops can offer a variety of printing services. Their commitment to customer service and timely delivery will ensure that deadlines are met and that results exceed expectations.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Precautions While Purchasing Properties In Delhi

There are many precautions to be taken by the purchaser while making a deal:
Property through good dealer: A dealer is always helpful from the beginning to the end. He helps you choose the property for you and helps you in finalizing the deal. It's better to pay a property dealer than to suffer from complications of property-purchase. It is better to avoid a hi-fi property-dealer as they can cost more than others.

Opt for direct deal from seller: Property in Delhi should be purchased through a dealer but from the seller of the property. Buyer should make sure that no other person except the seller sells the property because there are chances of heavy margins in between.

Property papers: Look through all the property papers and study the chain properly if any. In case of missing links, either question the seller or don't purchase the property at all. Check the property papers thoroughly. There should be clear title of the property in the seller's name.

Agreement to sell: This is an important document, printed on stamp paper. The document contains the price at which the property in Delhi is purchased, advance received, property value, and mode of further payment. Some people mention the commission percentage for the estate agent to avoid any confusion later.

Agreement to sell should be notarized by the Notary to make it legal. It is an important document and all essential details are mentioned in this document.

It is a very big effort to purchase property in Delhi. Investor should always be careful at every step.

Payment receipts: It is obvious that only 10% of the payment is made at the time of first meeting. Further payments are made in the middle of the time period. Then the payment receipts should be taken as proof of payment.

Loan on property: It is better to borrow some loan on property to check its clear title. This helps in getting the property papers in full and also prevents buyer from any cheating.

Registry: Buyer gains the full title of the property in Delhi only after full-payment and registry of property in the buyer's name. This is done in court through proper panel. The Registrar signs the registry in the name of buyer and hands over the receipt. The actual copy of registry is received after fifteen days or so through courier or directly from the office of registrar.

Investor has to be careful at each and every end or else he may be taken for a ride.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What to Expect in an Online Masters in Finance Degree

If you are interested in moving into the very complex and complicated world of financial advising and investing then an advanced level degree needs to be in your future. In order to continue to work and gain valuable experience in this very exciting field taking an online Masters in Finance is a great option. In this type of course, which is designed for the currently working professional, you will use real world application, data and information to make the coursework relevant to your actual career.

Typically most students enrolled in an online Masters in Finance degree should expect to spend between fifteen to twenty hours per week in study. This can include reading, online work with your cohort group and instructors, watching streaming videos or presentations and responding to posts, forums and discussions. Although many people assume that an online program is rather isolated, there is a requirement that students interact with each other as well as with faculty, really enhancing understanding and the learning process. For many students this adds to the motivation to get work done and also provides excellent networking possibilities with other working professionals in the same field.

As with traditional types of classes an online Masters in Finance degree will include completion of a variety of individual and group projects, requirements to log in and comment on class discussions and forums as well as examinations, quizzes and research projects. Each course will have its own requirement as per assignments and work, just like in a traditional university or college learning environment. Classes begin at staggered times during the school year and several programs offer three to five start times per year. Classes run eight weeks with most students that are working full time taking one course per the eight week session. There may be options, pending your schedule, to take more than one course and graduate earlier, but this depends on the specific guidelines established by the school.

Students will take core courses and electives in the online Master in Finance degree. The program of study is done completely online with no requirement for in person training to complete the degree. Classes typically include topics such as ethics and professional standards, understanding international trade and portfolio management, fixed income and derivates, financial statement analysis and equity analysis.

Since the online faculty strives to provide online students with the same level of interaction and educational opportunities the classes are intentionally kept small, even though they are really virtual classes. Students can interact with the instructor and are actually encouraged to ask questions, post discussions and become involved in the elearning experience. The instructors are typically more than just academics; they are also well known and respected professionals in the field of finance and investment. The real world experience that they bring to their classes provides students with scenarios, applications and ideas about how to handle a wide variety of different situations.

Once students have completed their core course and their elective in the online Masters in Finance degree they are then prepared to take the CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst examination. This is done over and above the educational coursework and degree offered by the online university. This exam is developed, administrated, scored and monitored by the CFA Institute which is nationally and internationally recognized. While not all graduates of the Master's program will go on to complete the exam many will, enhancing their professional resume and opening job opportunities within the investment and financial world.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Usda Loan May Help You Qualify For A House.

One of the side effects of the subprime mortgage cycle we just went through is that many very solid loan programs went unnoticed and unused because there were "easier" options out there. Now with the disappearance of said subprime loans these "old faithful" loan programs are coming back. One of the best ones to resurface in recent weeks is the USDA Rural Development Loan.

The USDA loan was designed to entice home buyers to move into rural, undeveloped areas to buy a new home. They created a government backed loan (meaning the bank is not taking the risk) that is truly zero down and does not have private mortgage insurance (PMI) on it. The rates are very comparable to FHA or conventional rates (6.5%) at the time I am writing this. You will be able to afford about ,000 more in house for the same payment simply due to the fact that there is no PMI. Did you catch the part of about zero down; it is not a typo this loan requires zero down to get into it.

So you may be saying it is too good to be true, and asking what is the catch. Well I would be lying if I said that you were wrong about that. But the catches really aren't that bad. There is an income limit to how much you can make to get a loan like this. It will depend on the size of your family and if you pay child support or not, but for example a family of four in King County is capped at ,400 so it is not too restrictive.

The biggest restriction is you have to purchase in areas that the USDA classifies as rural. Now I know what you are thinking "I am not moving my family out to Winthrop just to get a good loan". Would you be surprised if I told you that half of Maple Valley, Washington is classified as rural by the USDA. As you can see these loans don't force you into buying a farm (not that there is anything wrong with that of course).

If you are first time home buyer or a seasoned pro, you should really consider looking into a USDA rural housing loan option. It very well good be the deal that allows you to buy a house that you may not be qualified for using more conventional loan options.
Not every lender is going to be able to offer you a USDA Rural loan, as only a few different banks will even service them, but if you are working with a broker they should be able to find a lender to fill the need wither it be Chase or Wells Fargo just to name a couple of options.
One other point to make is that this loan is not a refinance loan; it is available only for purchasing new property. Oh and by the way if the property has an in ground pool, it is ineligible. Welcome to the world of tight guidelines.

The Possible Dangers Of A Cockroach Infestation

Chills run down our spines just thinking about these hidious creepy crawlies, and we stop dead in our tracks when one crosses our path. Not only does their appearance alone make us squirm, but also many other factors attributed to the cockroach should scare us into doing everything possible to prevent this pest from encroaching upon our territories.

Cockroaches are as old as dinosaurs. They clearly must be doing something right in order to maintain an existence, for so long, with little evolutionary development. Their reproductive habits play a part in their longevity, as a species, as well as in their alarming numbers.

There are over 3,500 species of cockroaches throughout the world; they tend to reside in tropical climates, depending on water for survival. Warm, humid environments are perfect elements for rapid growth and reproduction.

Reproductive habits vary slightly between species. Some female cockroaches can mate once and keep on reproducing eggs for the rest of their lives. Female cockroaches lay their eggs in a leathery case referred to as an 'ootheca', and there can be ten to 48 eggs inside the ominous ootheca. Although some species lay their eggs in this protein-hardened pouch, others in turn carry their eggs inside them until they hatch into nymphs. If a female can remain fertile her entire life and lays close to 50 eggs per hatching, that is a lot of baby bugs.

Of the different species of roaches, the German roach is particularly a problem in homes and businesses. Unless any existing cleanliness issues are addressed and resolved, infestation is almost guaranteed. No matter how many do-it-yourself applications and/or professional pest control services are rendered, they will not be eradicated unless their food sources disappear. Therefore, leaving out dirty dishes and snack wrappers at night has to stop.

Another important aspect to note, when dealing with these cantankerous cockroaches, is not only the effect that they can have on your homes, but on your health as well. It is not so much a bite that you need to worry about, rather it is their eating behavior that can wreak havoc.

Cockroaches truly are the disgusting bugs that you think they are. They can live on just about anything and are not discriminate in their choices of food. They can live on: fermenting products, hair, leather, feces, wallpaper, rotting food, unsanitary septic dressings… the list is endless. Because of this behavior, they easily spread disease, due to the picking up of particles of unsanitary and contaminated items as they feed and then transporting the germs and bacteria everywhere they go.. Food can also be contaminated by just the mere smell of cockroaches, which is a very distinct olfactory offense.

As if that is not horrific enough! - Just the existence of cockroaches within your home can cause serious illness. Many people are actually allergic to their feces; this can happen when inhaling dust in the air that has remnants of cockroach feces and other miscellaneous particles. They are also known to cause asthma as well as increase the adverse effects on individuals who suffer from asthma already. Aside from asthma, cockroaches carry many other diseases that can affect humans. They are notorious for spreading and carrying diseases such as typhoid, poliomyelitis, dysentery, as well as gastroenteritis.

So, there is a reason that humans shudder at the pure mention of cockroaches. Not only are they just a nuisance they are also a dangerous pest. Their reproductive habits keep them in extreme numbers and their feeding habits cause severe sickness. It is vital that when even one cockroach is noticed that it is taken seriously and dealt with; one almost always means that there are many more. These are truly calamitous creatures.