Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Possible Dangers Of A Cockroach Infestation

Chills run down our spines just thinking about these hidious creepy crawlies, and we stop dead in our tracks when one crosses our path. Not only does their appearance alone make us squirm, but also many other factors attributed to the cockroach should scare us into doing everything possible to prevent this pest from encroaching upon our territories.

Cockroaches are as old as dinosaurs. They clearly must be doing something right in order to maintain an existence, for so long, with little evolutionary development. Their reproductive habits play a part in their longevity, as a species, as well as in their alarming numbers.

There are over 3,500 species of cockroaches throughout the world; they tend to reside in tropical climates, depending on water for survival. Warm, humid environments are perfect elements for rapid growth and reproduction.

Reproductive habits vary slightly between species. Some female cockroaches can mate once and keep on reproducing eggs for the rest of their lives. Female cockroaches lay their eggs in a leathery case referred to as an 'ootheca', and there can be ten to 48 eggs inside the ominous ootheca. Although some species lay their eggs in this protein-hardened pouch, others in turn carry their eggs inside them until they hatch into nymphs. If a female can remain fertile her entire life and lays close to 50 eggs per hatching, that is a lot of baby bugs.

Of the different species of roaches, the German roach is particularly a problem in homes and businesses. Unless any existing cleanliness issues are addressed and resolved, infestation is almost guaranteed. No matter how many do-it-yourself applications and/or professional pest control services are rendered, they will not be eradicated unless their food sources disappear. Therefore, leaving out dirty dishes and snack wrappers at night has to stop.

Another important aspect to note, when dealing with these cantankerous cockroaches, is not only the effect that they can have on your homes, but on your health as well. It is not so much a bite that you need to worry about, rather it is their eating behavior that can wreak havoc.

Cockroaches truly are the disgusting bugs that you think they are. They can live on just about anything and are not discriminate in their choices of food. They can live on: fermenting products, hair, leather, feces, wallpaper, rotting food, unsanitary septic dressings… the list is endless. Because of this behavior, they easily spread disease, due to the picking up of particles of unsanitary and contaminated items as they feed and then transporting the germs and bacteria everywhere they go.. Food can also be contaminated by just the mere smell of cockroaches, which is a very distinct olfactory offense.

As if that is not horrific enough! - Just the existence of cockroaches within your home can cause serious illness. Many people are actually allergic to their feces; this can happen when inhaling dust in the air that has remnants of cockroach feces and other miscellaneous particles. They are also known to cause asthma as well as increase the adverse effects on individuals who suffer from asthma already. Aside from asthma, cockroaches carry many other diseases that can affect humans. They are notorious for spreading and carrying diseases such as typhoid, poliomyelitis, dysentery, as well as gastroenteritis.

So, there is a reason that humans shudder at the pure mention of cockroaches. Not only are they just a nuisance they are also a dangerous pest. Their reproductive habits keep them in extreme numbers and their feeding habits cause severe sickness. It is vital that when even one cockroach is noticed that it is taken seriously and dealt with; one almost always means that there are many more. These are truly calamitous creatures.

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