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10 Ways To Lower Your Cost Of Living In The Lower East Side

Lowering Your Cost Of Living In The Lower East Side

As The Lower East Side of New York City has become increasingly popular over the recent years it has grown exponentially more expensive to live here. Food, shopping, entertainment, and the general cost of living have all been effected by the influx of a wealthier demographic. The young professionals who now call the Lower East Side home have high expectations and those who aren't so financially fortunate can either adapt or move out. As a resident of the Lower East Side myself I have managed to adapt to the changing tide and this 10 series piece will present you with the methods I've used to stay afloat in the Lower East Side.

1. Apartment Living

Renting an apartment in the Lower East Side is a feat in itself, but maintaining a bank account afterwards is next to impossible if you're not careful. Utility, broker and moving fees add up after a move-in to the Lower East Side.

Utility costs can be controlled by using a fan instead of an air-conditioner. Also when looking for an apartment make sure you ask the broker to show you places with heat and hot water included. Apartments in the Lower East Side have two types of heating typically - the kind you pay for and the kind you don't! If you see a radiator in the apartment, typically heat and hot water are included, but always ask the broker to be sure.

Real estate fees can accumulate quickly right before your eyes at a lease signing, but an informed applicant can curb many of these costs. Brokers fees are often unavoidable depending on the market conditions. If you can, always go for the no fee deals. A brokers fee is usually calculated as thirteen to fifteen percent of the annualized rent. This fee is paid to the broker at lease signing. A no fee apartment does not have this associated cost and will save you a ton of money. Be prepared to put down an extra months security or pay the last months rent up front on a no fee deal. Never be afraid to negotiate rent with your broker. The broker is your direct connection to the landlord and is there to act on your behalf. Never be afraid to ask for a reduction in rent before the least goes to draft.

Moving fees can be very expensive anywhere within New York City. Strict parking laws and restrictive move-in guidelines can also inconvenience an already costly venture. Make sure you understand the move-in restrictions of your building. Most buildings in the Lower East Side don't have any restrictions, but the newer buildings may require you to move during certain hours 1 day in the week for example. If there are no restrictions, an evening move will be much less of a headache than a daytime move. Ticket officers are on the prowl during the day time and will ticket you when you least expect it. If you must use a moving company go for someone local with the least frills you can tolerate. Movers in New York City are not all created equal, ask your friends about their experiences or I can always recommend someone good too.

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