Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Free From Recession-Stress

In these times of economic uncertain, when most of us are with financial crisis, we must come up with simple ways and techniques that will protect our family from in these overwhelming times. Ruth Klein, the De-Stress Diva, helps people overcome stress by sharing simple, soul-centered tips on life-management issues, such as stress reduction. Ruth Klein's tips and ideas have worked wonders for those that have come to her after at this for too long. Following are five ways to help protect your family and friends from recession stress:

1. Encourage open discussions: Instead of keeping your fears to yourself, it is a good idea to share them with your family members, but in a positive way. Have open discussions; find out what others think about the economy. It is okay to express your fears, but just make it a point that both positive and negative aspects are shared and talked about. Do not procrastinate on starting this conversation with your family; the earlier you have it, the better.

2. Engage in stress-reduction activities: is critical. As important it is to earn money, it is equally important to spend quality time with your family members. This will relax you and keep you de-stressed. Physical exercise and laughter therapy are good ways of reducing stress. Plan relaxing evenings with your family, where you can simply go for a walk, see a movie or cook healthy treats for the upcoming week.

3. Live a healthy lifestyle to stay stress free: It is a scientific-backed fact that unhealthy eating habits are one of the major causes of stress. Even sleep plays a major role in helping to reduce stress. Make sure that you and your family eat healthy each day and spend at least 7 hours each night sleeping to avoid stress.

4. Make budgeting a family affair: A budget is something that can seemingly overwhelm the family if done all together, so most of us just appoint one person to handle this task. Instead of just imposing restrictions on your family members, include them in the budget making process and tell them why a cut-back on expenses is required. This way, you not only earn the respect of your family members but also encourage them to spend less and will be able to support a leaner budget in not-so-good financial times.

Take good care of yourself: As important it is to take care of your family members, it is equally important to take good care of yourself. With proper time management techniques, you will have plenty of time for yourself to exercise, enjoy healthy food, and go out of the house once in a while to meet friends. You can be a role model to your family. The kind of lifestyle you follow is the same kind that your family will follow.

The De-Stress Diva is Ruth Klein Lifestyle Expert, Speaker, Coach, Best-Selling Author, Mom and Business Woman who is frequently quoted in the media and appears on TV and Radio.

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